The Fairy Princess. Introduction.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This is a modern day fairytale.

Recently we watched one of my newest DVD', "PAN." It told the fairytale of an English orphan named Peter. He traveled to Never Never Land and discovered his mother had a relationship with a male fairy. He also found out both of his parents were deceased. We did not refer to his adventures as a dream, but a nightmare. Therefore, I decided to write a short story about a runaway engaged fairy princess. I have older fairy tales on Storywrite.

Peter's adventures how he became Pan, began during the German air invasion of England during World War 11. Twelve years earlier, his single mother abandoned him at an orphanage. She honestly believed her child would be well taken care of. Obviously, she was wrong...

Instead of using the name of Peter, I will call her Pamela. She doesn't live in the 20th century England but in America. One Autumn day, Santa Claus was busy looking at his favorite snowglobe. One of the fairies was busy trying to contact him. "What is this about a missing fairy princess named Pamela?" Santa silently pondered. Mrs. Claus brought her husband his favorite beverage, hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. "Honey", she warmly embraced her husband. "Can you tell me what is wrong, or is it a classified secret?" "No, honey," he sighed, "One of the fairy princesses is missing. Her name is Pamela."

"They want our help in trying to locate her. The King and Queen are worried about her." "What do you suggest we do?" "We could send one of our elves?" "Not this time, maybe she isn't lost. Maybe she ran away?" "Why would she want to run away and hide?" Mrs. Claus replied slowly, "She was engaged to a handsome young prince by the name of Peter." "What's the matter with him?" chuckled Santa Claus. "That's just it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He is practically perfect in every way!" "Who in the world does he think he is Mary Poppins?" "Wrong gender, dear! But you know perfectly well, what I mean." "Why would any young and beautiful fairy princess want to live with such perfection?" "If she really ran away, I can't really blame her!" Both the Clauses laughed aloud.

"Since I have disguised myself as a human my father, and my mother will never find me! The both of them are really in love with Peter. The rest of the problem is, Peter is really in love with himself. Too bad he couldn't just split himself into two fairies. That way he would have a ready-made lifetime companion. Fairies live almost forever existing for several thousand years. Human beings have shorter life spans, but they have much more fun. And us girls just wanna have fun!"

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

October 10, 2017

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