by Kyle


Began with heartbreak.

8:43 A.M. 7/04/17

I wake up embedded in the sweet warmth of my bed.

8:44 A.M. 7/04/17

As my eyes open and fully focus I see the woman of my dreams, facing me directly opposite of where I rest my weary head;

with her gentle eyes still closed, she is sleeping.

8:45 A.M. 7/04/17

I pull her closer to intertwine my body within hers, this subtle yet sweet moment is one that I live for.

8:49 A.M. 7/04/17

In this moment I truly am free of all my worries, all I feel is the tenderness of our bodies meeting in the most curious of ways.


8:50 A.M. 7/04/17

Our chests meld together, heartbeats in sync, this is serenity. Seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours, I could stay here forever.

9:01 A.M. 7/04/17

A slight chill runs down my back, the warmth of our combined bodies has been swallowed by a brisk rawness; why, I do not know. I turn my body to find the source of this discouraging aura.

9:02A.M. 7/04/17

As I begin to search for birthplace of this chill, it subsides. I return my body back into position to find her missing, A sudden ring echoes throughout the room, it pierces my head with vigorous force until; complete silence.

7:30A.M. 4/02/18

I wake up, I must've left the window open last night. I hit the snooze button on my shrieking alarm clock, just a few more minutes with her would be nice.


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