Eternal Love Chapter 3

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Now Abhay starts looking for a suitable job. His search takes him to Gurgaon near New Delhi, where he gets an appointment as Assistant Manager Finance in a MNC. Laxmi is on cloud nine because of good news but is afraid too that her son will go away from her. She consoles herself by saying that his career is more important, so she will have to let him go. Laxmi won't let her love interfere with the career of her son. She helps him make all preparation for joining his first job.

Finally, she sends him off at the railway station with a heavy heart, saying to herself that one has to let go one's children when they grow up. But she extracts a promise that he will have to stay in contact with her on phone. Somewhere in her mind she has a doubt that he may not because of his attitude towards her. But she leaves everything to the Lord Ganesha.

Ahbay informs Laxmi about his arrival at Gurgoan as soon as he reaches. He also informs about the new job. On inquiring about where he is putting up and having his meals, he tells her that his company has provided him a shared accommodation and he is having meals at company canteen. This somewhat lessens her worry. Departure of Abhay has left an empty space in her life. Sometimes, she misses him so much that it becomes a pang of separation, which she tries to overcome by saying that this is part of life.

After a gap of the period of six months, she has a strong desire to meet him. So she informs him that she wants to come over there but Abhay gives a lame excuse in order to prevent her from coming over. She feels that he is doing it so that his friends and colleagues may not know her reality. This hurts her too much. She has some difficulty in overcoming it as it has come from her own son.

Abhay's behavior continues to be same towards her, sometimes having a tinge of hatred. He hardly communicates with her and whenever Laxmi tries, he rebuffs her by avoiding her phone calls. Once after such an incident, Laxmi is very upset. All of a sudden, Rani comes and finds her almost on the verge of crying. Laxmi narrates the incidence while crying uncontrollably. This hurts Rani too.

"Rani, I can't understand how long we will have to face discrimination from the society." laments Laxmi.

Rani then suggests her to go out with her to a temple just outside Dharavi, to which Laxmi readily agrees. They go to the temple of Lord Krishna and find a person delivering sermons to a gathering of men and women that captivated every one. They both join the gathering. He is expounding what the Karma Yoga is.

He explains, "We are all required to do Karmas, which are unavoidable. Therefore, we must do karmas with absolute dedication, giving our 100% as if they have been assigned to us by the Almighty. After performing Karma, we must leave its outcome to the Almighty. We shouldn't expect an outcome as we desire. If we don't do so, we will develop an attachment to the outcome, which will cause us misery when it is not as we expected." The discourse continued for sometime more.

"I now have a basic knowledge of karma Yoga. I have understood how I should handle my relationship with my son." Laxmi tells to Rani after the discourse is over.

She continues, "I am going to give love to him without any overriding condition. I will eternally love him because I have transformed him from a newborn to a gentleman. Expecting even a good behavior from him implies an attachment to him. All along I had been emotionally attached to him, which is why his behavior had made me miserable."

Laxmi and Abhay remain in contact with each other often. She becomes happy whenever she learns that all is well at his end. She never makes any financial or emotional demand on him. Her life continues going on an even keel as that of a transgender goes.

One and a half years later -

Out of the blue, Laxmi receives a phone call from a girl, who introduces herself as Sara Arora. She further informs, "I work with Abhay and we both are very good friends. I wish to meet you personally."

Laxmi can't understand the season Sara wants to meet her. After giving exact address, she tells her to come over to Mumbai.

Laxmi had actually forgotten about the phone call, when one day a beautiful young girl appears in front of her and touches her feet, introducing herself as Sara. Laxmi is quite impressed by the girl. She takes her inside home and makes her comfortable. After some time, they both start talking.

Sara begins first, "I didn't tell you on phone but, as a matter of fact, Abhay and I both are in love each other and are planning to marry. I have come to take your permission; I am hopeful that you will kindly consent to fulfill our wish."

Laxmi is so overwhelmed with happiness that she is unable to utter a word. Composing herself, she speaks, "I am so happy to hear the news. And you both have my best of blessings; I love Abhay very much."

Sara continues, "I have full knowledge of your relationship with Abhay. I assure you that I will make every possible effort to improve your relationship. I will definitely succeed as Abhay quite understands that circumstances were responsible for molding his attitude towards you."

Sara continues as Laxmi looks on, "I will make sure that you and your friends will attend our marriage, which we plan to hold in Gargoan. We will inform you from time to time."

After having coffee and some snacks, Sara takes leave as she has a flight to Delhi after two hours. They both hug each other affectionately and say good bye. As soon as Sara leaves, Laxmi phones Abhay to express her happiness over their decision and narrates all that transpired between Sara and her.

Sara was in touch with Laxmi and kept her posted with different developments at their end. Laxmi is quite pleased with what is happening in her life.

After six months, she leaves for Gurgaon to attend the marriage of her son along with her best friend, Rani. The marriage is solemnized elaborately, where every ritual is performed with élan. Laxmi and Rani also enjoy every ritual, some of which they are not aware of. She has been thanking her lucky stars for getting such a good daughter-in-law. She didn't feel out of place even for a second as she and Rani were completely accepted by their society.

Laxmi thinks that at last she has been able to make a dent in the hardened attitude of parochial society against her community.

Sara has been able to change Abhay's attitude about Laxmi, things taking a turn for the better. Laxmi thanks profusely Lord Ganesha for all this.

Life continues to go on for all of them with their share of ups and downs...........!

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