Living in Time Warp (Chapter 5)

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Once Sadanand brings some food and a banana to give to the fellow, while going for his morning walk. As usual he waits for him to finish, a passerby suddenly calls out aloud - Aditaya to another person across the road to stop him. Now Sadanand notices an expression on the fellow's face as if he has been called. This surprises him because someone else called another person on the other side of road. And a fleeting expression on his face showed that he had been called. As Sadanand is nonplussed, he examines his face carefully and finds that his facial features have slight resemblance to those of his lost son. But he dismisses it as a wishful thinking and moves on, continuing his morning walk. However, this keeps on haunting him throughout his walk. After going home, he narrates the whole incidence to his wife, who mocks at him, saying that he has become old and thinks weirdly at times. But in her heart, she wishes earnestly they have Aditaya with them.

Next day, after offering food to the fellow, Sadanand softly calls out - Aditaya and again notices the same expression of recognition for a short time. Sadanand now has inkling that since he responds to the name Aditaya, he could be his son. He again examines his face carefully to elicit a resemblance to his son. The more he examines his face, the less becomes his skepticism that he isn't Aditaya. In his heart, he is certain that this fellow is their son but still some uncertainty exists. After going home, Sadanand narrates the whole incidence to his wife. She says she will also like to go with him tomorrow.

Next day, Sunanda accompanies her husband so as to meet the fellow. She offers him some sweets that Aditaya was so fond of. The fellow looks at them and eats greedily as if it is his favorite food item. While he is enjoying it, Sunanda slowly calls out the name - Aditaya, he responds to it with a smile. She again calls out the name, he responds as if he has been called. Both Sadanand and Sunanda look at each other, silently approving that he is their son. All of a sudden, he utters - Maa, Maa. They both are taken aback as he calls out his mother. Now they both are certain that he is their lost son, their skepticism disappearing alltogether. Sunanda's tears roll down her cheeks as she is overwhelmed with happiness on finding their son.

They take the long lost son home, who doesn't want to part with his belongings kept in the bag. After reaching home, first of all they inform their daughter about how they could find Aditaya. Shyamala, who has become a doctor, can't contain her emotions and informs them while sobbing uncontrollably that she will reach Lucknow by the first available train.

Both help Aditaya to clean up and take a bath. They help him wear clean clothes and then feed him his favorite food that Sunanda cooks especially for him. He eats all and recognizes his father too.

Sadanand tells Sunanda that if two people are destined to meet each other, the Universe makes it happen but how and when it will happen, no one can tell. They both thank their lucky stars.

Shyamala arrives by late evening and straightaway goes to meet Aditaya, who at first doesn't show any sign of recognition but when she calls his name a couple of times, he gives an expression as if he has recognized her. He calls out her name with stutter - Shyamala. Her happiness knows no bounds when she hears her name from his mouth. She hugs him tightly. Sadanand narrates all the details how he had come across Aditaya. He also described his condition when he had met him first. Then she begins to assess his condition from a doctor's point of view. She could reach a conclusion that Aditaya needs psychiatric help because it appears that he has been having frequent episodes of psychosis.

She immediately takes an appointment with a senior psychiatrist in the medical college for next morning. After being examined by the psychiatrist, he is admitted in the hospital for intensive treatment and then discharged after ten days from the hospital. Aditaya is advised treatment, which he will have to take regularly for a long period or lifelong depending on his condition.

Aditaya feels much better, living in the real world as he has left far behind the world of illusions. He gets much better as a result of treatment and parental support. After a period of six months, he takes admission in a science college in Lucknow and desires to specialize in Physics.

Six years later -

Aditaya has completed PhD in Physics and has been working as Assistant Professor of Physics in a local university. Since then, he has been living with his parents, who always feel thankful to the Almighty for making their only son lead a purposeful life again.


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