Who Is Who

by Southern Cloud


This is a silly story. But anser this question before reading.

Tell me who is innocent - a man or a woman or a baby?

The rain was unexpected that evening. City gets dirty when it rains.

All the cabs were booked when he checked for the availability.

It was her plan for a shopping that evening. She wanted to buy some cloths for their six months old baby.

As they were about to finish the dinner in a fine restaurant, he again checked the phone for any chance of getting a cab back home. Still no hope. He thought he could have take his car but she preferred to walk.

The rain seems to stop. He rushed to check out if the rain stopped. They decided to rush to home as the rain seem to stop for a while. As he paid the bill, they came out and walked to the next block.

Then the rain started again. She ran to the car-parking area of a closed store to get a cover from rain. He followed her. They stood there laughing and taking about this unexpected whether in the city and how foolish to not even take an umbrella.

Baby woke up from the sleep and started to cry. She tried to console the baby and started singing in low voice. She could have sang loud as there were nobody around and the rain was heavy. She hold the baby close to her and he tried to stand in front of her since it was windy too.

She hugged the baby tightly to her chest and covered the baby with a woolen shawl.The baby crowed inside the shawl like a small kitten.

He was almost drenched when the rain stopped. As they walk to their home she kissed him and the baby was sleeping.

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