In Silence the Meadow Blooms

by Southern Cloud


Every moments open opportunity to win. But it takes years of practice to realise what to be won at that moment and how to achieve it. And let me say my folks, the meadow blooms in silence....

He woke up hearing a loud noise from kitchen. As he rushed to the kitchen, he found a broken glass vessel on the floor.

She was standing there. Anger all of her face.

"What happen? are you OK"? he sound tensed.

"What ! You are asking me am I OK"?


"Am I OK? what do you feel"?

"What happened to you"? He tried to walk carefully towards her since there are broken glass pieces all over the place.

"I am not OK. I should open it to you at least now. " She sounded very firm. It was as if she had taken a decision. He came closer to her. Her hair was messy. He looked strait in her eyes which were reddish.

She started to complaint him for being irresponsible , not caring enough, not helping her and the how much he changed after marriage....

He started to clean the floor quietly.

Keeping her hands on the table she continued "are you numb? why are you not saying anything? I think you wanted me to say it. right? You were waiting for me to break it to you. You want a divorce? I am ready. Let's accept it. You are scared ? isn't it? " She turned her face from him and took a pan from basin and kept it back there.

As he finished cleaning, he sat on the kitchen chair next to the table. She turned to face him. Tears rolled down her cheeks. He wanted to hug her. He just sat there looking at her.

"What do you think? It is time for us to take a decision. " She told by staring to the floor.

"Who say so?" He sounded calm

"It's enough for me John. This life is a torture now. Lets end this marriage. You know I am unhappy.I know that you too. You spend most of the time in front of T V just to avoid me right? when is the last time we had a good time? a good evening? "

She reminded him some of the bad events that year. She continued to weep and wiped her face with tissues.

She blamed him, hurt him, told him he is unworthy for anything, told him that she would have a better life with out him.

It was already an hour past since he woke up. He took a glass of water and gave her. She ignored him. He kept it on the table.

He walked to the bathroom to get fresh. As he came back, she was sitting in couch. He moved the curtains and it was a bright morning.

He sat next to her. She looked at him. He took her hand and placed the palm on his chest.

She wept.." I am sorry. I hurt you."

"It's OK. You look beautiful."

"No!! you are teasing me."

"Really.. Your face turned pink"

"Why were you quiet when I yelled at you?"

He just smiled to her and that was all she needed.

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