The Burning Ivy

by mr. anonymous

I've been known to be a self centered stay at home guy, and my friends have always tried to pull me out the house, but I was never too fond to hang out with them. I didn't have any problems with them at all, I've been friends with them since high school but they were troublemakers always looking to start a fight. If fights happened obviously I had to stay and fight besides them although they were the reason the fight had occurred in the first place.

On this particular day I was watching television, I remember clearly that I was watching the Wheel of Fortune making fun of one of the contestants when I received a call from my friend. He told me that there was a grand opening of a club in Hollywood called the Burning Ivy, which had a good DJ playing that night, and that the waitresses were topless and beautiful. I mean I wasn't thirsty metaphorically speaking desperate to see waitresses breasts, but I was bored that day waiting for something to get me out the house so I told him I would get ready in about an hour so we could go. An hour later he texted me that he was there already and he was waiting for me, keep in mind that all this time I thought he would come to pick me up so we could carpool, well so much for that. Luckily I requested a transportation service which was rather close and he came to pick me up, and within ten minutes I was on my way to the the Burning Ivy. As I arrived, I tried calling my friend to figure out where he could be in order for us to meet up and start our night at this club, but I got no response. I wasn't really worried about him because he had a thing with ladies, he would literally say one sentence and get their panties dropping that lucky bastard, so I kind of knew in the back of my mind that he's probably in the restroom or his car putting in work.

As I approached the entrance, I already had doubts when I saw the bouncer asking for identification cards, it was a big African American gentleman wearing casual clothes carrying a clipboard and writing on it. From my experience the bouncers usually wear suits and have headsets in their ears, or even a walkie talkie incase something happened they would be in touch with either another bouncer or the owner. I finally got to the bouncer and gave him my identification card, what worried me was he looked at my picture and then he looked at me, and he asked me if this was me on the card. I told him of course it was me and that is when he started writing on the clipboard, I wasn't sure what he was writing but I asked him anyways, he told me it wasn't any of my concern but it had to be, because as soon as he saw me he was already questioning me and doubting my age. I asked him one more time what he wrote and this time with a rather intimidating voice he told me that he already told me it wasn't my concern, and if I'm to argue with him I will be prohibited to enter the club, he also threatened me and told me that I was in the wrong town looking for trouble, that I should keep to myself and enjoy before the situation escalates. I took it as a warning sign and apologized to the bouncer finally entering the club.

Thus far I was already stood up by my friend, the bouncer was about to bash my face in, and I believe my personal information was written on the clipboard, not a good start. Well there is a saying that goes "what happens outside shall stay outside, and what is inside shall not go outside," so I just thought to myself that I should not let this screw up my night because I was here anyways so I should just enjoy myself. I was inside for about ten minutes just sitting, a beautiful topless waitress approached me and asked me if I wanted to order a drink, sure enough I told her to get me a strawberry lime martini as I was trying to keep my composure and keep from staring at her breasts, after all I am a man. I didn't want to make it too obvious but she realized I was staring and she asked me if I liked what I saw, and without hesitation I said yes indeed, she told me not to go anywhere, and that she will be right back so I said ok. After about five minutes she returned and sat next to me and she started to talk to me or more like flirt with me and gave me some deals to have sex with her, I mean this can't be real, hundred dollars for all inclusive the whole ten yards as long as I pay for the motel and obviously for her time. As I started thinking about it, the same bouncer came back and started confronting me and accusing me of harassment, at this point I felt like I was being framed, and I stood up and told the bouncer that ever since I have been here, he has been bullying me and harrassing me, and that I will report it to every single resource that was business related to make a major complaint, but it was the biggest mistake I made in my life.

He told me that it was time to take my leave, but I kept refusing because I had been there only for about a half an hour, at this point he started threatening me that if I did not leave I would have to be forced out, and that would not be fun, so it was either leave now or be thrown out. I told him I wasn't ready to leave yet, as soon as I said that he grabbed me by my collar and told me that he knew I was trouble at the first sight and pushed me out the backdoor into an alley, which was strange because it wasn't the way I came in from. I told the bouncer that I came from the front entrance not the back when he suddenly just swinged at me knocking me to the ground. I was dazed by his cheap shot but managed to get back up as he started to swing at me again, I actually dodged his swing trying to find the way to get onto the main street again, but he started chasing me down. As I started to increase my speed and start running he started to slow down giving me a piece of mind, but as soon as I was about to reach the main street, a black van just blocked me off just till the bouncer caught up to me and gave me the beating of a lifetime. All I remember is covering my head and he was stomping me out and beating me like a pinata. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, I heard the van door sliding open and two masked man picked me up and threw me in the vehicle as they started to drive off. I was worried what would happen to me, as I was silently outraged at my friend for telling me to come to this club when he wasn't even there himself.

After about a ten minute ride the van came to a yield and the guys just threw me out the vehicle and sped off. I was so confused and disappointed at the same time that I trusted my friend and a naked waitress which had let me to a hellish night. As I slowly got up trying to figure out where I was, I suddenly felt a very sharp pain in my upper back that made me bow down again. I put my hand on my back to see if I can feel what was happening and sure enough my hand was bloody, at this point I knew that while the altercation was happening one of these guys had punctured me with what seemed to be a sharp object of some sort. As I started looking for my phone to call an ambulance I realized that it was gone, and it worried me so I decided to check for my wallet as well, but that also was gone. As I was walking trying to find a gas station around, I slowly started to feel weaker and weaker, getting light headed by the second when I realized the cause could be from losing blood, but the wound wasn't that bad for me too feel this way, and that's when I lost consciousness. I woke up with the voice of my friends talking and arguing about the situation and how it could've been prevented. I still remember kicking my friend on his stomach and calling him a piece of shit, and also calling him a worthless sack of shit. He apologized to me and told me that he didn't expect it to be like this, and that if he could rewind time he would of done so just to change the outcome. I was surprised he said that, and as soon as I was about to find out what happened the nurse came in and told them all to leave. As I stood up to drink some apple juice given to me by the hospital I saw the nurse and instantly realized that it was the waitress from the club that had set me up.

I immediately started to press the call nurse button but quickly realized that it wasn't working. I called for help but she told me to hush up because she wasn't here to hurt me, but I trusted this girl before and it landed me here so I continued screaming for help anyways. She suddenly brought out a roll of duct tape and sealed my lips. She apologized and told me to stay quiet or my life and hers could be in danger. She handed me back my phone and also my wallet and told me that people are on the way here to ask me a couple of questions so she didn't have much time, and that's when she took off her shirt and took of her skirt and told me a promise is a promise. I was disgusted by her at this point and did not want to make love to her but my mouth was shut and I couldn't move much due to the IV and also pain in my back. She told me to relax and enjoy because it was her fault I was here so this was her apology I would assume, as she took off my briefs grabbing my groin and inserting it in hers. I tried to enjoy it but I kept getting flashbacks of that night, and the tussle that I had been through due to this waitress, as she bounced up and down and was moving left and right making my toes curl with each and every stroke. As I was trying to shake her off me she kept going faster and faster as I slowly started to realize that I had no other choice but to just lay there and wait for it to be over, and sure enough after about fifteen minutes it was. She put her clothes back on and was asking me if I had enjoyed it as she was cleaning me up and ripping the tape from my mouth. I was lost for words not knowing if I should push her out the tenth floor, or to tell her that it was the best love making I ever had, but as soon as I wanted to speak she said she had to leave.

Later that day the doctor came to check on me and tell me my condition and he started by telling me that I was lucky to be alive. I was worried about what he was saying so I asked him why I was lucky, he told me I had been stabbed five times, and that whatever the weapon may have been, it had a very rare poison called Burning Ivy that they used back in the day for executing criminals on death sentences by injecting them with it. Not only was I stabbed but also poisoned, and if I wasn't treated fast enough I would of been permanently paralyzed for the rest of my life. I asked the doctor if he knew who had brought me in here, he told me it was a beautiful girl that had brought me in, she had told the hospital that I was her friend and that she had my phone and wallet with her. It was her all along, she had all my belongings with her when she came in, and she's the one that made love to me against my will. I asked the doctor what her name was because she had to sign in for the hospital to give us a room and treat me, he told me that he would check but never returned. It was clear to me now that everybody was part of this hell that I had experienced, and whoever that waitress was, she didn't want me dead because she carried me to the hospital all on her own, and she also returned all of my belongings to me making sure I don't speak about her or my experience I had. Whoever she was, she wanted to make sure she stayed anonymous, but there was something about her that I didn't quite understand, everywhere I went she was able to find me which was very strange to me, so after I recovered I decided to go back to the club to see if I could find her, but as soon as I got there I realized that the club was closed.

It was a dead end for me, a mystery woman who I met at a club, carried me to a hospital all on her own, and the same mystery woman who made love to me then just disappeared. After about 3 months I was at home one day just watching television when I got a text from an unknown number. The message that I received read "hi hun I miss you so much and really want to see you," I responded back to the unknown number asking who it was, and the reply I got left me speechless. Whoever it was replied back telling me to look out the window, I was nervous and scared to look out, but encouraged myself somehow to go and check and I couldn't believe my eyes, it was her outside on the phone, she wrote these exact words that, "my name is Ivy, and I've known you since elementary. I always had a crush on you but you never realized it because I was too nervous to talk to you, so the only way to get your attention was to set you up so I can have you all to my own, I hope you understand and will forgive me because I really love you." I was so speechless as I was reading her text message, but I had been looking for her for a couple of months already so I told her to come in so we can talk to each other and figure out the situation that we were in. As soon as I opened the door the first thing she told me was that she wasn't wearing any panties to make it extra special for me and that's when she started to undo my belt. I was very confused and somewhat creeped out that she was stalking me, but I kept remembering the day in the hospital and the way we made love, so I went along with it.

Before I knew it already we were both naked as she started to climb ontop of me slowly, asking me if I had protection before she could start. As I opened the drawer to my night stand looking for a condom I remember her telling me "this may just sting a little bit", as I turned back around to ask what might sting she rammed a thin sarange into my arm. I asked her what the hell she was doing and what substance she had just injected me with, and again I became extremely light headed and I felt the same sensation as the night of the attack. She told me not to worry that it wasn't anything fatal, all it will do is give me a semi high, and that the sex experience will be much more fun, and as she was explaining to me I realized that my erection was one of the most massive ones I ever had, so the substance that she had used must of been for love making, but I suddenly couldn't move, she told me that she wants me to relax while she makes love to me. This time she slowly started kissing me going lower and lower as she slowly started approaching my groin when I suddenly regained mobility grabbing her and turning her over. I told her that I didn't fall for her trap this time, and if anybody was to be in control it would be me this time. She was shocked to realize that the Burning Ivy had no effect on me, she asked me how I was able to resist the poison so fast, but that is when I started to penetrate her as she was requesting an explanation. As she was screaming and moaning I told her that she was too loud so i had to duct tape her mouth. As she started to curl up and shake, I went faster and harder trying to screw her brains out when I realized that she had started to cry. I stopped and peeled off the duct tape asking her why she was crying, she told me that she didn't like the way I was doing it and that it was hurting, well touche.

As I got up and layed down next to her, she turned over and started to use her hand, she told me that she didn't want me to stop, she just wanted me to slow down as she started getting closer and closer to my groin just looking at it. She said that it was the nicest one she had ever seen as I felt her every breath as she exhaled. She was speeding up going faster and faster, but just as I felt my toes curl up she stopped and asked me how I was able to prevent the Burning Ivy from working. I told her I had researched about it and there was an anti-poison I had bought and used before she arrived. She was confused and told me how I knew she was coming, little did she know that one of my friends had spotted her a couple of days ago, and he had planted a tracking device into her purse so I knew that she was coming soon. She was so impressed at my intelligence and told me that she will do something she had never done before, as I asked her what it was I felt her moist lips around my groin and that is when I realized that she meant oral sex. I won't lie at all, at this point I realized that she really may have feelings for me because she had never done this before I was the first person that she had tried this on, honestly I didn't think so because she was fantastic, she even told me she wanted to taste me which I thought what insanity but by the time i snapped out of my little day dream of her being in love with me I had already finished.

We took a shower together later that evening, as she was cleaning me I decided to ask her why she was so obsessed with me, wish I never asked her. She asked me if I remember the night at the hospital the first time she made love to me, I responded by saying yes, this is when she gave me the most shocking news, she told me that she forgot to take her pill, and obviously I was helpless as she was making love to me, so she never put a condom on me and I was too sedated to realize this but it was too late. She was pregnant 3 months, and she was too nervous to tell me so she had disappeared for awhile trying to figure out if she wanted to keep it or remove it, so she decided to keep it. I was so angry and full of rage that she had decided to keep it. Now I'm not one who likes abortion at all I was actually against it, but this was against my will, in other words you can consider it being rape because I never agreed to it. Well there was nothing I could do now, it was too late to make any decisions, guess the Burning Ivy won again.

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