A Past Example of Time

by Invalid


This story was inspired by an unidentifiable Reddit post I read a couple months ago.

We can't stop time. Time just goes on and on forever. Each second we approach a new existence of life and the progress of reality. What you are about to read is a disturbing yet mysterious, unexplainable story about my recent experience of time itself and how your mind can play tricks on you while your conscious is unclear. I was about 15; sophomore in highschool my school was located around the Baltimore metropolitan area not sure were to be exact. I started my daily routine getting ready for school, grab a bite of breakfast , and wait near the bus stop. Today seemed like a balmy, brisk November day to me. I noticed the it was very windy because of a passing storm near the area. I noticed the wind was ringing my ears generating this gruesome headache. It was so bad i could not even stand I rushed back home my head was spinning like crazy , tripping , falling. Until i saw a object come in front of me emanating a aura of fuzzy colours. I soon came into a trance and stood there. That's all i could remember that day in November. I realized i woke up in the comfort of my own bed breathing heavily. I got out of bed feeling better,opened up the window , and noticed the sky was clear with a comfortable and relaxing breeze. I again did my daily routine and waited at the bus stop. The breeze was so crisp yet relaxing to the feel.Finally the bus came and I started my normal day. Jumping to 6th period which was lunch time for me in high school as I was eating, a very beautiful girl came to me and then sat down next to me. Never saw this girl in my life but, she had this "glow" to her like no other girl i ever saw. We started chatting, then which evolved to flirting, then we decided to make out in front of everybody near the table. After we stopped i calmly said "what's your name?" she replied "Jessica" she then gave me a neon green sticky note that said "call me 410-XXX-XXXX" I was so excited I couldn't wait for this school day to be over. As the day came to a close I dialed up the number on my phone. She quickly responded within a matter of seconds. We started talking knowing more about each other, etc. She then told me to meet her at her house. It was around 5:00 pm at the time, grabbed my bike and rode it until I met my destination. Jessica was waiting at the steps waiting for me we talked even more inside and I say to myself "This is the best day ever". We sat on the couch with some snacks as i was reaching for the bowl I became fixated on the bowl. The perspective of the bowl look so odd like it was warping or inverted into multiple dimensions. My mind became transfixed with white speckles I remember this experience vividly but it's indescribable for the human to bear , my body is completely immobilized. Then I could hear a loud ringing through my ears progressively getting louder as time was moving. At this time i felt like I was floating into the unknown yet still hearing the noise ringing through my ears. Just like that like a flicker of light I'm laying on the sidewalk with a pool of blood near my head. Then the sensation of pain occurred all throughout my body. The pain was unbearing , but my conscious is still hanging on. As I was observing the landscape around me I noticed a group of unknown persons surrounding me and a cop picked me up from the sidewalk I also realized it was cloudy with a strange chill in the air. It's all coming back to me. The cop put me in the back seat and said nothing to me as he was driving me to the local hospital. I was so confused at the time as they were rolling me in "I yelled MY HEAD MY FUCKING HEAD" my mind my senses grew even stronger. I was even more agony. The doctor came and did xrays,surgery, CT scans. I went through several years of depression thinking about that day, that time, that experience I had with that girl how beautiful she was and it was all in my mind. To me, for some reason that day was the perfect dream, I could remember in my mind, and now I have permanent fractures to bones and numerous scars. I will never forget this experience I had That November day. My dreams are about the pain I felt. My whole life will never be the same thanks to time. However, out of my peripheral vision i could still see a glimpse of that girl. It's like my mind locked it up forever. Numerous years later I had a check up with the doctor and he brought the frightening news I only have a couple of days to live due to a bone penetrating my major organs. I glanced up at the doctor and said nothing. As he was walking away I gently moved the wheelchair to the window breathing in that relaxing crisp air with no clouds in the sky it felt just like that perfect November day. I slowly moved away from the window. My mind then was fading into the blackness hearing Jessica's exact voice still in reality near me then pure blackness surrounded me. She was real...

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