For You

by mr. anonymous

As the numbers go higher,

and the years pass by,

you are the only woman,

that I want in life,

words can't express,

the beauty you possess,

and nothing can replace,

the beautiful smile on your face,

nobody can hurt you,

no matter what they do or say,

because I will be there,

and I will make them pay,

I know they are jealous,

so they are furious,

but you must remain calm,

and you'll win the fight,

if any guy is lucky to have you,

they must treat you right,

day and night shall not matter,

they shall be by your side,

if not in this life,

then perhaps the next,

you are the most beautiful woman,

I have ever met,

if you were a picture,

oh my what a vivid sight,

there is nobody such as you,

woman you are such a delight,

I will keep trying,

no matter the sacrifice,

if it was my last day on earth,

you'll be my last breath goodbye.

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