by mr. anonymous

When humans die it is said that they go to either hell or heaven, but what if you had a second chance to make all that was wrong right, would you want the second chance or not? My name is Jordan and I was given a second chance. All my life I have seen nothing but chaos, destruction and felt unimaginable amounts of pain since I was just a child which lead me here to present day.

I was raised by my Aunt Cecilia ever since I was about 1 year old in a rather old house that with every footstep you took, the floors creaked with just the slightest movement. My dad was killed while working one night selling dope, and my mom was in and out of multiple rehab homes using dope. In other words it felt like both my parents were dead but I was too young to understand the struggles of a single mother who was poor and a whore, selling her own body to make enough money to buy just one hit of that poison to relieve herself. My Aunt never allowed her to visit me unless she was sober enough to actually remember who I was, but everytime she came to visit me she was a train wreck. One night around Christmas Eve now about 7 years old, my mom came knocking on my Aunt's door numerous times yelling "I want to see my baby boy, please let me just see my baby boy one last time," as I was standing right behind that door with my Aunt yelling "leave now before I call the police to escort you back to the hole you so deservedly belong to." It went back and forth for about 6 minutes when suddenly there was nothing but silence in and outside of the house.

I turned around to ask my Aunt what was happening, but all I saw was a face so empty that I will never forget it. My mom had broken into my Aunt's house from the back door which was also the door to enter the kitchen from the outside, and she grabbed a knife not realizing that she was about to kill her own sister. As my Aunt was screaming to her "leave", she didn't realize that my mom was standing right behind her the whole time as she punctured her heart killing her just to see me again. My Aunt's eyes were full of tears as she was drawing her last breath, she told me to come closer and her final words were "run as far as you can Jordan, and stay away from this demon," as my mom stabbed her one last time to ensure her sister's death. All I remember is running as fast as I could taking nothing but my teddy bear that my Aunt had given me couple of days back as an early Christmas present. Ever since that day I have been living on my own trying to find food and shelter now 3 years after the night of my Aunt's murder.

One day on a rainy day in a dark alley when all hope was lost as I was shivering from this cold wet weather, out of the darkest corner of the alley I heard a voice talking to me asking me "are you hungry little man?" I did not recognize the voice at all, it was sort of inhuman like, deep raspy voice almost like a demon from some realm I did not even know existed. As I got closer to the voice trying to put a face on it, it came out of the shadows into a dim light right above me and stared right into my eyes. Red bloodshot eyes, with human features but sharp teeth sort of like it was glancing right into my soul trying to figure out who or what I was. He stared at me for a couple of seconds and started to speak a language I had never heard before almost like he was summoning or asking something or someone a question, he started getting louder and louder by the minute then the light on top of our heads started flickering like crazy and then bang..., he went absolutely silent. Just when things could not get any weirder, he suddenly started laughing hysterically, and told me that I am the one he has been seeking for all of eternity whatever that meant. He told me he had an offer for me that I would not be able to refuse, he told me that if I gave him my soul, he would give me all the riches in the world.

A 10 year old lonely boy with no parents living with rats and eating trash, this thing was right, it was an offer I could not resist so I took it. He put his hands on my forehead and told me "you shall now be free from all this pain, and get a second chance in life with a new beginning," and that's when I lost consciousness and fell to the ground. I woke up from what I assume was a long nap, but the only problem was that I was not sure where I was. I woke up in total darkness and could not see anything around me at all, so I started to move slowly, but found myself intombed in a casket under six feet of dirt and rubble. I was going crazy as anybody would, being imprisoned with no room to move , and no oxygen to breathe. Suddenly the voice spoke again, "you have to earn your way to freedom, and your first task is to find your way out of this dark place by fighting your fears and emotions. I kept asking it "why am I here when I gave you my soul, you promised me a new beginning but this looks like the end to me." He told me that I am too weak, and I have to prove myself worthy for a second chance so I started kicking and scratching at the casket breaking my fingernails one by one when suddenly light shined through. All this time he had me thinking I was buried alive when I really wasn't, I was in a casket yes, but I was not buried.

I came out of that box like a spring and ran right to a mirror staring at what seemed to be a different man. I was older and stronger it seemed, I had facial hair and a rather athletic frame, but that man wasn't me. My name was Jordan, but this poor bastard's name was Carter, my soul was resurrected into a dead man's body, and that was my second chance. Carter was a healthy man, but he wasn't a nice man. He was one of the most notorious Mob Bosses of our times, and his cause of death was a bullet wound straight to the head. It was almost like I could still hear his thoughts and get flashbacks of his life while he was still alive, but he was dead already. I was staring at a monster that caused a lot of innocent people like my mom to perform heinous acts such as killing her own flesh and blood. Now I knew my new purpose in life, a second chance to change the world and get rid of all the chaos, pain and disasters that were haunting me throughout my life, I would get rid of all the scumbags and evil lurking amongst us, my mission was crystal clear to me, I wasn't going to be a hero, because the wrath I was about to bestow on these people would not be clean and quiet, but loud and messy, the absolute opposite of heroic.

No I am not a hero but more like the angel of death avenging the innocent people amongst us, not a hero nor a reaper, but a god walking amongst people cleaning the trash on the streets. Jordan was dead and so was Carter, but I was neither, I was reborn and resurrected, so it was only right to be renamed. Hello my name is Ares, god of war and destruction, and my mission has just started, so nothing can stand in my way, and no nothing can kill me, because I'm dead already.

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