Welcome to the World of Melanie Walker. Introduction

by Roxanne Dubarry


Melanie Walker, fairy godmothers, and Santa Claus are also featured by me on Story write. But they are not mentioned in my last story on their site, "Just Call Angels 911."

As previously mentioned, Melanie Walker, used to be a little girl. How did she become a silver winged fairy herself? Did her fairy godmother wave her magic wand and transform into one? Did her story actually begin with her Christmas present of a ballerina music box? Yes, it did. It was one snowy Christmas Eve. Santa Claus was making his deliveries. He had slid down the Walker family's chimney and had finished eating his milk and cookies. He had filled the stockings hanging on their fire place with a great deal of care. Since Melanie could not sleep, she walked down their stairway. Since she was wearing her bedroom slippers, she did not make a sound. She saw Santa Claus, and naturally, he saw her. In his red gloved hand, he held a small present wrapped in red paper with a green ribbon. He held a finger to his lips, meaning he wanted Melanie to keep quiet. He handed her his gift to her. Finally, he put his finger to the side of his nose. And up their chimney, he went. She could hear silver tinkling sleigh bells and the sound of reindeer's flying away. "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, to you Melanie Walker!"

Silently Melanie crept up her bedroom stairway, walking silently to her bedroom. Recently she had heard her parents arguing over their numerous financial problems. Melanie did not understand what they were fighting about. Her brain went completely numb and her mind shut itself down. After she heard her parents echoing the dreaded word, "divorce!" Both of them no longer wanted to be tied down. They both wanted their complete freedom. What was so very tragic? Her father and her mother both did not want her. After Christmas, she would be living with her grandparents in Oregon state. Oregon State is located at the southern border of Washington State. Their boundary is the Columbia River. However, to Melanie, they might as well been living in Timbuktu!

She cried herself to sleep that night on her pillow. That earth shaking event happened only a few nights before Christmas Eve. Was Santa Claus aware of what was taking place in the fractured Walker household? Of course, he used his magical snowball's snow globe. Gypsies use crystal balls, whereas, they used snow globes at the North Pole. After she reached her bedroom, quickly she tore open her special gift from Jolly old Saint Nicholas.

What was it? It was her ballerina music box. She had written a letter to the North Pole and asked for one! When she opened it up, it had a silver key. Carefully, she placed it into its key hole. Softly it started playing beautiful music, and the ballerina started twirling around and around. The silver mist began filling the air with a fragrant perfume. The ballerina was wearing a silk silvery dress and silver wings. On her golden hair, she was wearing a diamond, Tierra. What was so wonderful was the ballerina's magical wand she kept waving in the air.

Amidst the silvery mist appeared an older lady with wings to fly. "Child, I am your fairy godmother. Santa Claus has told me about your plight!" "What is your name?" asked Melanie. "My name is Aurora!' "My parents no longer want me! I am supposed to go live with my grand parents in the State of Oregon!" "A lot of little boys and girls go to live with their grand parents. And are perfectly happy! Santa Claus gets a lot of mail from children, who are grateful for them. It would not be true in your own case. Your own mother ran away from home when she was only 16 years old and married your father when he was 18 years old. Neither one of them were adequately prepared become your folks! Why does she honestly believe you would be happy there when she was a run-a-way herself is beyond me!"

"How are you going to help me? "You do believe in fairy godmothers?" "I do now!" Melanie quickly answered. "Fairy Island offers sanctuary to humans, but there is only one catch. They have to become fairies. Are you interested, Melanie?" "Yes!" "Stand up and get out of bed, and start twirling around slowly. We don't want you to become too dizzy. Her fairy godmother began softly singing to herself. She began waving her magic wand and pointing it at Melanie. Melanie's body began its transformation. She became a 5 1/2 silver winged fairy with glass slippers.

Her fairy godmother waved her magic wand a second time, and they disappeared. They both reappeared flying directly over head both of the small uncharted islands. Fairy Island, and Butterfly Fairy Island. Melanie had found her new home. Her fairy god mother disappeared after introducing Melanie to the other fairies. On Christmas day, her parents went to wake up Melanie, only to discover she was gone! Melanie was allowed to take Santa Clause's magical music box with her.

Santa Claus made a special appearance to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker. "Your daughter, Melanie is no longer here. Her fairy godmother took her to Fairy Island. She is no longer your responsibility! You both made her very unhappy. You didn't want her!" "What right did you have to take our own daughter away from us!" "What are you going to do about it, call the police!" "We are sorry!" They both started crying their hearts out. "Melanie will be allowed to visit you. Do you still want your divorce?" "We honestly do not know!" "Nine months from now, you will have a son!" Santa Claus told him. Heed my warning! Do not make the same mistake with him!" "Don't worry we won't!" "That's good I will remove you both from the naughty list, and add you to the nice list." "Will Melanie ever be able to come back to us? "We will have to wait and see how things turn out," Santa vanished from their sight, and returned to the North Pole.

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy Lea 1954

July 14, 2017

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