Welcome to the World of Melanie Walker Prolouge

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


I have written about faires on Story write. They also appear on Short-Story. Net. I have several of the Tinker Bell's DVD. I have attempted to create my own fairies differently. Hopefully you will have as much fun reading this. I enjoyed sharing them with you.

I first introduced Melanie Walker, on Story write. I have decided to institute a few changes. Melanie Walker, was a misty silver winged fairy. She possessed a magic wand. She received, as a gift from a fairy God mother. Her dress was the color and texture of silver silk.

On Fairy Island, there were silk worms. The working class Butterfly fairies used them to make the clothing for silver winged fairies. Her dress was adorned with tiny blue diamonds. She wore a diamond tierra on her blond hair. She was blessed with sky blue eyes. On her feet she wore glass slippers. They were a gift from Cinderella's fairy God mother.

She was looking through the bedroom window of Belinda Evans. Belinda was an unpopular little girl. She was frequently bullied by her peers. She longed for an avenue of escape. Both Fairy Island and Butterfly Fairy Island, were islands of refuge. She was totally unaware of this fantastic fact. Fairies belonged in fairy tales, not in the real world of a very lonely child.

The sky was dark outside, and Belinda was fast asleep. Since her school was on summer time break. She slept peacefully. Avoiding her peers was easier during summer vacation. She did not go outside and play. She simply stayed in her bedroom. She had no siblings. She was a foster child, and the ward of the State of Washington. Belinda did not have her own room. Her roommate was named Barbara Winter-crest. The two young girls did not like each other. Neither of them had any outside friends. It was the reason they were friendly enemies. Because they shared a common bond.

Barbara was also fast asleep. What was she dreaming of? Just like her roommate, she desired freedom and escape from the real world. She also believed fairies belonged in the realm of make believe. Tinker Bell was the invention of Walt Disney she erroneously believed.

Melanie did not have to use her magic wand to open the girl's bedroom window. She flew in. The fairies of Pixie Hallow have to resort to panaminme to communicate with human beings. It was not the case with the fairies of Fairy Island. Melanie flew inside their tiny room. She thought to herself, "Belinda and Barbara are two very unhappy little girls." What, she silently pondered could she do about it? Suddenly a Fairy Godmother appeared to her. "Why not use the magic wand, I gave to you, my child?"

"The wand has special powers. I created yours especially for fairies. I use a different one for humans. What do we have here? Two young girls who both believe in fairy tales because of Walt Disney. Like most humans, they really don't believe in fairies," she smiled softly." "They also don't believe in Fairy God mothers either," laughed Melanie Walker. Melanie used to be a little girl herself.

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy Lea 1954

July 14, 2017

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