Conclusion of Land of Eternity

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


My inspiration was partly based upon a war which did place in heaven between Michael's angels and Satan's fallen angels. It was loosely based on earlier societies. And of course, upon my over active imagination. Women were created to be keepers of the home. Men were designed to earn a living. I over exacerbated childbirth among women. Originally it provided inspiration for Lucifer's attempted deception of women. I decided to turn it into a battleground conclusion instead.

Lucifer was suddenly surprised. The entire heavens of Eternity were filled with his own fallen angels. "This is war!" they loudly shouted. Michael and his heavenly host of warrior angels had arrived. This decisive battle over the fate of Eternity was in their capable hands. Alex did not fly in Michael's aerial assault formation. His duty lay elsewhere.

" Prince Enoch, Princess Esther, send your golden-winged force to the people of the Valleys!" Rescue them and keep them hide under the safety of the Mountains' caves. Hurry! Hurry! there isn't much time!" Alex's thunderous commands were instantly obeyed.

"Prince Judah, Princess Deborah! your golden-winged deliverers are on their way!" The people of the Valley allowed themselves to be plucked from their homes and fields. They have not been carried away on the wings of the American Eagles.

Lucifer's forces split into two. They started dive bombing the forces of Prince Enoch and Princess Esther. Michael's Angels executed a counter assault force and ran interference. They grasped Lucifer's forces by their wings. Tossing them into Outer-space! Casting them downwards into the center of the planet Earth. The mountain people continued their rescue mission during the entire brief battle. The valley people hid and were protected.

Michael's' Angelic armed forces concentrated on evicting the remainder of Satan's foes. There was a mighty planet shaking victorious celebration. Angels and the inhabitants sang and rejoiced for several days. God greeted all of them," Well done my good and faithful servants! There are other battles to be fought. There are other victories to be won!"

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

July 13, 2017

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