Prince Judah, and Princess Deborah, of Eternity.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The people of the Valley of the Land of Eternity were earthbound. I have portrayed life-based as it existed in an earlier age. Freedom and ownership of land were not available to tenant farmers, for example, An omission was the sin itself. Lucifer has given himself an open door. The endless bearing of childbirth, even though it was not painful.

Prince Judah and Princess Deborah had a female infant named Ruth. They ruled over the Low Countries Land of Eternity. They were of common origin but were permitted to establish their own dynasty. They were the allies of Prince Enoch and Princess Esther of the Mountain top. However, they were not the allies of Alex. However they were under his protection.

The Valley people did not possess silver crowns, white linen robes of righteousness, and golden wings. They were commoners, trades people, craftsmen, and farmers for example. They were independent tenants instead of peasants. Ownership of their land and holdings belonged to them. Taxes and fees did not exist. Adam toiled the land of the earth by the sweat of his brow. Thorns and thistles were on the earth.

Walking and work, labor and leisure, day time and time were perfections. They were created without original sin. Eve gave birth to a small multitude of children in painful sorrow. Who was the blame? God, Satan, Adam and Eve? God alone was blameless.

The women of the Valley bore their numerous offspring in pleasurable enjoyment. On earth, women should wait at least two years before childbirth. This was not true of the Valley women. They were married at the tender age of 12 years to a male of their families own choosing.

Their wedding ceremonies ending in their consummation. The bride and groom became one flesh. They never failed to become automatically pregnant after childbirth. Nursemaids and wet nurses provided much-needed assistance. It was of vital importance. Males were not tempted to roam to greener pastors. Their women were always carrying and giving birth to children. Women were much too busy to be going from door to door gossiping.

Husbands and wives enjoyed faithful marriages. There were neither any divorce court, judges, or lawyers. Children obeyed their parents and parents did not provoke their children to anger. Women were placed in charge of their household's daily affairs. Female children learned household chores long before the age of 12. Male children assisted their fathers in their chosen professions. Everything was passed on from generation to generation.

Prince Judah, Princess Deborah walked freely amidst their freeborn subjects. All the women and the girls cooed over infant Princess Ruth. Royalty did not fear their citizens. Their people did not seek to usurp their rulers. Lucifer was increased with anger. Surely there was a loophole?

He knew from bitter experiences to not approach the rulers. He would not approach the men. He would deceive their women. He was successful with Eve's temptation. "Their young girls are married. And bearing numerous children since the age of only 12 years old." Lucifer pondered to himself. He was a deceptive angel of light. He would appear as an angel to light, not a Serpent!"

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

July 13, 2017

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