Haunted Doll

by Damion Clownprince


Krista simpley can not let go of her ex when his current girlfriend turns up at her door saying he's been missing.

Krista was so delightfully shaving off bits of flesh off the arm; she scarcely had a flicker of remorse for the poor girl. She stood against the cement wall, one arm above her head locked in its shackle. Her mouth was gagged, through the duct tape: muffled sounds trying for words hardly had Krista's curiosity - she knew the routine. The girl on the wall shook her head violently -and must have opened the back of her skull on the wall - there was a patch of blood colouring the bleach blonde hair that hung from the sides of a white Jesters mask she had strapped on the poor girls face. An aesthetically pleasing effect to Krista, though she'd not been able to take credit for this work. The left arm that wasn't chained fought her grip on it; still and firmly, she stood braced against the girls arm and was hacking at the girls hand with a switch blade. Her wedding finger was white with bone, missing most the meat and drenching both Krista's floor and chest.

"Try putting a ring on it now!" she said with a diamond ring between her teeth.

She jumped as she heard a faint knocking from upstairs. "Now who the shit could that be, turning up un-invited?"

Krista walked a fast pace upstairs, "Just a minute." She screamed out to her "guest "and pocketing her new ring.

She practically tore at her corset to get it off, and threw it through a door standing next to the basements' entry. Looking down at her feet, she pulled black heels off, tinted with blood and sent them flying in the direction of her corset, grabbed a shirt from her bed and closed both basement and evidence room doors then pulled her Evanescence shirt over her head and had to wipe the blood off the tops of her feet on her way past the couch. Now, standing at the door, she gripped the handle and cautiously let the gap between her and the outside widen. At this point, her eyes followed fashion and widened even more so.

"Kris."Spoke a young male stood in the doorway - he had to brush the hair out of his eyes to meet hers. His hair: almost as dark but not so black. She looked almost as if in a daze. Then she hit him in the mouth.

"Whoa, jeeze a pinch seems more the tradition," He said with his hand to his mouth "but yeah, I'm really here."

He dropped his hand revealing a worried smirk and she fell into his arms. She led him to the couch, forgetting the door behind them.

"So, I mean how are you doing?" He asked.

"You can't ask..." Krista said with barley a whisper, she caught him looking at her chest: a pendant she hadn't tucked in when changing shirts hung over her - heart over her heart - and she quickly shoved it under her top.

"I've missed you."She said feeling caught out.

Her hand still playing with the heart shaped jewel beneath her shirt. Her hair hung down over her shoulders, a deeper black than her shirt. Lips always a glossy pink, he could remember his own lust for her taste.


He had that hard pressed look on his face Krista knew all too well, "We're not together anymore."

"How many more girls are you gunna have to fuck," she spurted out, wiping something wet from her face "before that fucken changes?"

A trail of black raced the tears down her cheek. Eyes green hiding behind a mass of eye shadow. Krista loved the way she looked dead - like a haunted doll that turned its head when you turned yours.

He wouldn't admit it, but he was fascinated with her still.

"You broke my heart too you know." he fought back at her.

"I told you, I've never been in love like that before," he said without any emotion showing on his face "but I wouldn't stick around with you -"

"What? I'm not preppy enough for you? When the fuck exactly did you go all...pussy huh? "Krista licked her lips as she said this and then picked up a sinister looking doll from the side of the couch, putting it on her lap. "Opposites attract, remember Derrick?"

Derrick couldn't look away from the illuminated look Krista was giving him; seduction and a "fuck you" at once. He wouldn't answer her in this mood, when she spoke mostly in rhetoric, it was useless - he wouldn't win.

"So anyway, why are you here? Oh I know, you're here to tell me to..." She acted deep in thought, "to maybe, back off?"

He sat staring, his eyes now on the circus freak in her arms.

She noticed his discomfort and smiled, "Oh you remember this one don't you?"

Krista spoke with malice in her voice, "I added the make-up myself...since you were last here. Matches my mood don't you think?"

Derrick couldn't pull his stare away from the doll, which sat there on his psycho ex's lap: Face pale like a ghost; lips painted black all the way up to the eyes; heavily shadowed with what looked like- Kris's mascara. Its eyes had changed since he'd last seen it. They looked more piercing, and familiar even through the clown face.

She sighed, "Ill be fine you know, one day," she pulled Derricks stare away from the doll, her hand under his chin, "One day ill have you again"

Derrick stood up "Just stop bothering Tasha." he said backing away from the couch towards the front door, "That's why I came here... Tasha and I are engaged. Just leave us alone. We're over ok?"

Krista didn't answer; she heard no question mark ending his ok. He found his way out and the door was closed behind him. All he left behind was a full stop. A period. The end.

It was light when Derrick had come round to abuse her. Now dark, Krista realized she had been sitting in the same spot for more than a few hours since he left. She was now wearing the engagement ring. Her brain always turned to mush every time she thought of him. She wouldn't be thinking straight for days now. She loved Derrick so much, and couldn't stand the thought of anyone else with him.

"Shit!" she screamed to herself. She shot up suddenly, the doll falling to the ground. After racing across the room, she stood at the basement door and glanced back. She hurried over to the couch and picked up her doll and sat it on a shelf opposite the entrance door. It had a view of everything in the house, including anyone who entered the house.

"Keep an eye out" she said kissing it on the cheek.

She trailed down the stairs of the basement, the last few she skipped over and landed on the ground like an excited child.

"HHmmmm" She wondered aloud as she walked over to the body, hanging on the wall limply. She lifted the bodies head up under its chin and let go. It fell with dead weight, gazing at the floor.

"You just missed your man."

She lifted the jesters mask off her face. Two holes where her eyes used to be looked staunched with blood.

"Well I don't need to tell you that, you saw the way he was staring at you on my lap out there, I think...he's disgusted by you now? Oh my how sad..." Krista said in a mocked fashion, wiping a tear away then a smirk grew from her frown. She decided to let the body hang there for awhile, Krista loved the way she looked dead - like a haunted doll that turned its head every time you turned yours.

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