Prince Enoch and Princess Esther of Eternity. Part One

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The paraphrased Biblical records are found in the Old Testament book of Genesis. In the book of Esther, she became the bride of Xerxes. "Who ruled over the provinces stretching from India to Cush (Africa.) We do not know the names of the wives of either Enoch or Noah. Enoch," lived a total of 365 years before God took him." Noah was 500 years old before he became the father of his three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Biblical information is from today's New International version. As for Lucifer, his attributes are clearly described in the Bible.

"Poor Adam and Eve," sobbed Princess Esther while holding their newborn son, Noah. Prince Enoch lovingly tried to comfort his wife. "Why did Cain kill his brother Abel?" "I am afraid I have the answer to your question, Prince Enoch, "interrupted Alex their messenger angel. "Both of the first born sons of Adam and Eve presented an offering to the LORD GOD. Abel sacrificed from his flock. Cain was a farmer and presented his vegetables. God looked with favor upon Abel's offering. But not with Cain's. Cain became jealous of his younger brother and invited him out to the field. He slew him with a stone."

"Why didn't God warn Abel? Why didn't God stop Cain, Himself? questioned Princess Esther. "God created human beings with free will," responded Alex. "God tried to warn Cain, but Cain taunted God," Am I my brother's keeper?" "Abel's blood cried out to God, from the ground. God cursed the ground for Cain. All Cain feared was being killed by someone else. God placed a mark on Cain's forehead. Cain was cast from God's presence and became a vagabond and a fugitive from the earth."

"Must you always be the harbinger of bad news, Alex," laughed Lucifer. "Why worry about Adam and Eve? After all, they are only human. Eve can have other sons and daughters. I must admit Cain has become a man after mine own heart. Not after the heart of that tyrannical dictator, you loyally serve, Alex!"

"What a beautiful son, you have Princess Esther. I wonder why you decided to name him Noah? Very interesting indeed! Maybe he will grow up to become another Cain?" Lucifer sneered. "You shall not touch one hair of his golden curly locks of hair. You shall not place on of your fingers on his infant body!" proclaimed Prince Enoch. "You just wait and see. He who laughs first laughs last! I can hardly wait for him to grow up. We both have an eternity to exist in!" Lucifer flew haughtily away laughing to himself. Lucifer, the chief fallen former anointed Cherub, was unaware his own future eternity was the Lake of Fire and brimstone.

"Don't worry Alex, it wasn't your fault what happened on planet Earth. I am afraid Cain will also reproduce sons and daughters in his murderous image," commented Prince Enoch. "I wonder how long will our God allow violence upon the face of the earth?" "Before he decides to wipe out humanity with a universal flood? Honey, do you think to name our first born son, Noah means anything?"

"Orginal sin does not currently exist on Eternity. Michael and the rest of us were victorious over Lucifer and his rebels. I am of course referring to the great angelic rebellion." "We were merely innocent bystanders, Alex." "Much more than innocent bystanders, you were eye witnesses," explained Alex. "Lucifer knows we are allies. He and his cohorts will not rest. Until he wreaks death and destruction here as well."

"There is a basic difference, Alex. We know Lucifer for who he really is. He is Satan, meaning he is God's adversary. He is the Devil and the Serpent, mankind's deceiver." "You forgot his other name, the Dragon. The terrible and fiery destroyer!" "Who is more powerful the Creator of both the heavens and the earth, or a created being? God of course! They all laughed together. Noah started crying watery tears because he was tired and hungry,

"Speaking of planet earth, I wonder if there will ever be a man named Noah? A beautiful princess or queen, named Esther? Don't forget a prince named Enoch? Why don't we ask Michael or Gabriel? "I already did, but the two of them beat me to it. I am giving you the same answer God gave them. God laughed and said," I guess you will have wait and see!"

There actually was a man named Noah. There was the seventh man from Adam, named Enoch. He was not a prince. But he was the first raptured human being. Esther was not a princess, she was a queen during the Median-Persian Empire. They are all mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Enoch and Noah, the book of Genesis. Esther, the book named after her. Lucifer is a real life enemy to both God and man. There probably is not a messenger angel named Alex. However he could be the second cousin of the narrator.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy Lea 1954

July 12, 2017

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