The Second Date

by Sean Arnett


Two young adults enjoy a late night second date... But there's something beyond the surface between the two lovebirds.

The pale full moon shone brightly upon the lonely street. The street lamps seemed to accent the moonlight, the yellow spotlights blending under the illuminated strip of concrete and pavement between the rows and rows of lifeless houses. Around the corner of Maplewood, they turned onto Maine, breathing life into the once barren street. Though his car could not run before they drove back to her house, they still managed to carry on the lighthearted conversation despite the thirty minute walk. The energy they gained from their steak dinner at Albinoleffe, combined with the three glasses of red wine James had, Christine just one and one-half, made them bubbly enough to almost stir the occupants of the neighborhood from their slumber. One had to remind the other to keep their shouts to a minimum while being rambunctious themselves.

Their first date, which consisted of two hours strolling around the mall before their movie showtime arrived, was not as hearty and conversational as their present time, their awkward personalities being the culprit for killing talk, both big and small. Of course, they were able to find some common ground on a few topics after they managed to get past their stumbling traits, she being the first one to engage every topic. But the reason they were able to make it to Date #2 was right before they arrived on time for their viewing when they witnessed a young girl on the bench, sobbing quietly in lament. James taking the initiative, had gone looking for mall security, while Christine kept the child company, comforting her in motherly fashion. They were able to get the authorities and soon after, the child's guardians showed up, tears in their eyes and flustered faces, smothering their child as apologies a plenty uttered from their lips. The two shared this special moment together staring from afar as they came to realize the other's strong affinity for family.

And it was through that connection that led them to this point in time now, revealing to each other about their dreams for the future, embarrassing family stories, and struggles they had to endure in the past while walking down the cracked concrete path. As Christine went on, hugging his whole arm, to describe the moment she walked in on her parents in their bedroom "wrestling" on the bed, at least that's what they called it; James recognized for a brief moment that he had yet to meet them after six months of going out together. It didn't bother him though, maybe a little, but why else would she be bringing him to her folks' house if they weren't that close? He'd finally get to introduce himself to his possible in-laws. He knew, of course, he was getting ahead of himself, but she was the only one in this city that made him feel like he truly belonged.

Before he met Christine, James had felt this sense of being alone in the world. He worked a nine-to-five job as an accountant with no overtime pay from an infuriating boss with his passive-aggressive measured tone of voice that patronized him, the bastard. His co-workers were just as worse, placing more spreadsheets and reports on his table to analyze for them while they kill time at the water cooler. He had distanced himself from friends and family after moving out from the quiet town of Murphys, mainly due to the long distance and going well against his parents' wishes of following better prospering futures. It was a sigh of relief when he managed to get out of their controlling grasp. He'd show them one day he wouldn't need a better paying job to live a fulfilling life. Maybe through a family of his own. Someday. Just not right now.

As for Christine, she couldn't imagine the thought of being alone. Throughout her whole life, she had been known by friends and acquaintances as a social butterfly. It is because of this trait that she ended up being a nurse, conversing with the sick, injured, and elderly while healing them back to good health. No matter where she went, she always had someone around her to converse with. She loved being around people, but she loved being around family more, her parents especially. Though she could see the tension and hate between them grew more every year, they were always there for her, from her dance recitals in elementary to her graduation from high school. The ever-growing bitterness towards each other almost caused grounds for a divorce, but because of Christine's pleas and devotion to keep the family together, the papers were yet to be finalized. It's why she chose to remain in her parents' household, even after college, so that she can ensure it stays that way.

After what seemed to be a 2 hour trek, they finally reached the save haven they could rest their weary legs at for the night. It was an old house, erected in the 1970's but with modern installments wedged in different parts of the aged structure. Christine warned him about the state of her home, recently going through a rebirth of replacing rotted and old parts of the home. Her father is usually the one to take care of these sorts of matters, but because of the man's growing arthritic problem, he was not as strong as he was before, making it difficult for him to carry the hammer up the ladder, let alone bringing the ladder out from the shed. And so the reviving process was led to a halt until she could get a proper handyman to finish the job, though she could never find a suitable person for the job.

As they reached atop of the wooden steps of the porch, a collective sigh was exhaled from the couple, ending it with a mild giggle that nearly took the energy used to keep her barely standing out of Christine. Her legs gave way a bit, shifting her balance over to James as her momentum changed to his side. If James had been any weaker, they both would be on the ground right now, with her on top of him with a force that almost seemed like a pounce instead of a trip. But for some reason, the pain and stress of his legs disappeared when he noticed her fall. Without even a thought, he caught her at the right moment.

The right movement.

The right position.

Their arms entwined each others backs, with Christine's above James'. Her head buried in his chest, she looked up to see if it was the same man she had fallen into before. And just as his head moved down to check if she was alright, their eyes locked upon one another, unable and unwilling to move anywhere else. Her sharp green eyes pierced inside him while his soft pupils laid gently upon the enticing image. A heavy, rapid beating from within his chest wanted to escape the confined small space it was in, no longer bearing the suspense of what was to come. A flutter came from within her as well, as she could see in his soul that he also wants what she wants from him. She could nearly contain herself.

And then, with swift motion...

Flesh upon Flesh. Twisting and Turning. Euphoric pleasures intensifying as their rapidity increases steadily. Still soft, still warm. The mixtures of fluids. First clear. Then red. Still sticky. Still sweet. Steel upon Flesh. His hands gripping tighter than ever as she pushes inside an extension of herself. Twisting and Turning. The grip of his hands loosen, yet they still hold on. His eyes strainingly open to see her in bliss. Her eyes closed blissfully to the pain. Penetrating deeper with each thrust. Deeper. Deeper. His hands stop gripping. She pulls away and she pulls out. His legs stop standing. Fluids on the floor. Saliva, Blood... It surrounds them both. She's still panting. He's still bleeding.

Christine stood there for a while, staring at James as he lay on the floor, motionless as the blood keeps flowing out from his lifeless body. His stare that used to contain fear and horror within now lays emotionless. It was as though he never had went through any pain as the switchblade knife she had hidden in her coat pocket tore through his chest, shredding his heart with each thrust, expanding the hole with each twist. He seemed... at rest. Like he was just relaxing... She wished she could stare at this beautiful moment for a while longer, but too much blood was spilling onto the porch and dripping on to the stairs. And blood isn't easy to clean. She unlocks the door to her parents home and leaves the door wide open to make room for James. Grabbing both of his legs, she drags the body of her date inside the house, past the living room, down to the kitchen, leading it to the basement door. Her parents usually spend most of their time down there as of recent. She couldn't be any more excited to show them her new boyfriend.

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