Enoch, Prince of Peace, Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This story is classified as Christian fantasy fiction. The introduction introduced a race of white robbed golden-winged beings. They are not angels, but their partners. It mentions the Garden of Eden, for example. The introduction takes place during the dawn of human and angel created history. I have written several stories on Storywrite, with the angel, Alex as one of my characters. I have maxed out of the storage space of Story write.

Enoch, Prince of Peace ruled the people of the mountain tops. The Land of Eternity was blessed. Its golden-winged inhabitants sang psalms of thanksgiving and praise. They freely worshiped the highest and Holy God. Their beloved Father God ruled and reigned from heaven's lofty heights.

Their robes of righteousness were of the purest and whitest of linen. Silver crowns of jeweled glory adorned their golden hair. Their eyes were of the sky blue of their white cloudy skies. Angels from heaven frequently flew to and from Eternity. They were allies and were everlasting created beings. The holy angels and the people of Eternity were without original sin. The golden-winged people of The Land of Eternity had not only access to heaven but God's throne room.

What about temptation? Lucifer caused one-third of the heavenly hosts under his authority to rebel against God. Open warfare broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against Lucifer's fallen angels. They were cast down to the earth, and no place was found for them in heaven anymore. Satan does currently have access to the throne room of God as an accuser of the brethren.

In the Garden of Eden, the Devil appeared as a Serpent. He accosted and tempted Eve. She did partake of the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good of Evil. She also gave her husband Adam, the forbidden fruit. He accepted it, and the fall of man was complete. God did provide a Redeemer for mankind, "of the seed of the woman." Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man.

The loyal angels witnessed this world changing event. Both Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. Their bodies were designed to last forever. When they sinned, they died spiritually. They also began to die physically. The dust they were and to dust they were to return. The golden-winged people of The Land of Eternity were not present at the time. God's holy angels warned them, the Devil is on the loose. He will try to tempt and deceive you!" They looked out for their partners. They did not intervene in man kind's deception. Adam and Ever had to make their own free will decision.

Satan was also judged at the Garden of Eden. It has been said, he was licking his lips. He would defeat God, by intervening in human affairs. He failed to stop God's plan of mankind's redemption. God will be victorious in the end!

"Warn Prince Enoch! Alex fly to the mountain tops of the Land of Eternity! Satan has tempted Adam and Eve! He will try and tempt you! "Prince Enoch! Princess Esther! Satan is on his way! The Devil will appear as Lucifer, an angel of light."

"Alex! What chance do you have in defeating me? I have won the loyalty of one-third the angels under my authority. I have successfully defeated God in His Precious Garden of Eden. I caused mankind created in the image of God after His likeness to fall from grace. "I was present during your so-called victories! Two-thirds of the loyal angels under Michael have remained loyal. God has provided a plan of redemption. He loves the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. You are a liar Satan and the father of lies!

"Lucifer! You were a heavenly created angel. Because of your beauty, you became vain. In your heart, you became proud. You wanted to wanted to usurp God by taking his place. Five times you proudly proclaimed to God what you desired to accomplish! You were stripped of your heavenly position! You deceived your angels and Eve. You did not succeed in deceiving Adam. He was guilty of choosing his wife, instead of God!" shouted Alex.

"Lucifer, head our warnings. You have caused sorrow and death to fall upon the inhabitants of the earth. You will not succeed in the Land of Eternity. We were not created with the power and the might of angels. We were not created out of the dust of the planet earth. We were created from the forces of goodness and light. We were created because of the Holy Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit." proclaimed Princess Esther.


Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy54/ October Country

July 06, 2017

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