My Dearest Kitty.

by Roxanne Dubarry


In romantic fiction boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and finally they get together as a couple. It is true I was strongly influenced by deceased Harequin author, Betty Neals. However in all of her stories, her main female lead, always got her man! I decided to deviate from her plots. Kathy's prince never arrived.

Characters such as her parents usually did not live happily ever after either. They were encapable of true romantic happiness. They usually restored to the bottle for solice.

Kathy decided to publish her on-line journal on She did not receive much money, she did receive satisfaction. She also had to move in with one her high school's girl friend. She went from a house keeper to a free baby sitter.

Kathy's small black cat, Kitty was sleeping peacefully on her lap. Kathy had a desk top computer, and she liked to publish her personal journal on-line. Her on-line journal's site is All Poetry. Kathy allowed her personal entries to be available for all people. She named her journal entries, "My dearest Kitty," after her beloved and pampered pet.

"My dearest Kitty," she wrote one-handed with her right hand using her left hand to gently pet her BFF (Best Friend Forever.) She softly cooed words of comfort to Kitty. I sometimes wonder if life is worth living. Here I am a single legal adult still living at my parents home in my basement apartment. At least I am not alone," she spoke aloud to herself and Kitty.

"Other adult children still live at home. At least I don't have excessive baggage. It sounds heartless somehow to refer to dependent children as excessive baggage. I know God called people to raise children instead of dogs and cats. I can't even properly take care of the two of us, much less small children." She dated her journal entry and submitted it to All Poetry. Kathy logged off on her computer. It was the same computer she used in high school.

Kathy did not either a work at home internet job, nor an out side job. How did she manage to pay her nominal basement apartment? She was her parents' house keeper and maid of all work. "Its a good thing I have read all of those Harlequin stories by Betty Neal."

Betty Neal was a deceased Harlequin author, who kept her stories clean instead of smutty. Kathy talked to herself because she nobody else to talk to but Kitty. "No handsome famous rich Dutch doctor or surgeon is going to come to my rescue. Dreams like that only happen in romance fiction. Especially in the Hallmark romantic television programs she used to sigh over! Where would I be without Kitty, my desk top computer, romantic fiction, and television?"

Kathy finished loading the dishwasher, and turned on the noisy machine. "Where would the modern world be without dishwashers, washers and dryers and so on and so on." She rambled on while muttering softly. "Kathy, please don't tell anyone that you are my daughter. It would be so embarrassing if my friends knew!" Kathy's mother, in name only, was home.

Her father did not even live at home anymore, because he divoreced his wife, Thelma. Frank, quit frankly could not put up with the way Thelma treated Kathy. "For God's sake, Thelma, Kathy maybe our maid! But she is also our own daughter! I will contacting you through Mr. Pedegrass, my personal lawyer!" He loudly slammed the door as he stormed out his wife's house. The house was in Thelma's name. In the event of divorce or separation, Thelma would receive deed to their battle ground home. Thelma would also receive the princely sum of $50,000 dollars. It was well worth the price of his personal freedom to Frank.

Why didn't Frank have Kathy live with him? He did not want to explain to his girl friends, Kathy was not one of them. He wanted his freedom in more ways than one. He was not faithful to Thelma. She was a snob! He was beneath her feet! It was her money that got him where he was today. And she never let him forget it! He had a problem, he kept treating his girl friends exactly like Thelma.

Thelma treat all of her men friends they same way as she did Frank. Divorce may foster freedom from domestic and financial responablity, but not real life's freedom.

Kathy was used to her home being another Northern Ireland type battle field. Romance! Alas it was for the birds, and romantic fiction. It was an illusion not based upon actual reality. Some people manage to live happily ever after. Its why they are called fairy tales. Later Kathy entered her personal thoughts to "My dearest Kitty." "Some day my prince won't come. Some day my prince won't come."

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy54/ October Country

June 27, 2017

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