Butterfly Fairy Island

by Roxanne Dubarry


I have several fairies tales on Story write. Some of them are more dramatic than others. I also have fairies tales about different types of fairies tales. They are my older ones, the current ones feature butterfly fairies. My main female fairy lead is Fiaria. Although the spell checker marks her name in red, it is not a misspelled word. It is my own spelling.

Fiaria was physically tired of flying around in the human realm of existence. She considered herself a perfectly liberated young female Butterfly fairy. Fiaria had a very honest opinion of herself. She wanted most of all being her own boss. There was not anybody who had the right to tell her what to do. Fiaria had really come, "a long way baby."

Fiaria is actually a beautiful Butterfly fairy. She is what is commonly referred to as, "a blue-eyed blond." Roses petals of various shades are the outfits of her particular type of a fairy. Fiaria's rose petal costume was light pink. Her slip on shoes is the same shade. Tinker Bell and the fairies of Pixie Hallow do not have butterfly wings. Their tiny wings are of a light transparent shade. The fairies of Pixie Hallow do not have magic wands. (The exception is Tinker Bell has a magic wand. When she is being used by Disney as one of their advertisements trademarks.) Where did the butterfly fairies of Fairy Island get their magic wands in the first place? They received them from Fairy Godmothers. Both types of fairies are between a 5 1/2 and 6-inch height.

Fiaria decided to use her magic wand to help herself. One method of transportation used by genies in tales of Arabian nights is magic carpets. Fiaria honestly believed genes would not mind if she used her magic wand. Why shouldn't she travel resting comfortably on her own personal butterfly magic carpet? The carpet was not made of butterfly wings. It applies to its design. She was surprised when she heard a young female genie sobbing.

Genes either come equipped with their own magic lamps or bottles. They are the same size of human beings. How did a young genie hitch a ride on a butterfly's fairy's magic carpet. "Do you believe in the magic of a young girl's heart?" She used her powers to drastically reduce her size to 5 1/2 inches, the same size of a female fairy.

"My name is Javelin." "My name is Fiaria, and we are both far far far away from home." Fiaria had a kind and compassionate heart. It is a characteristic of most butterfly fairies.

She carefully embraced Javelin by putting her tiny, but strong arms around her. The best thing to do was reserve her right to remain silent, Fiaria carefully pondered to herself. Letting Javelin continue sobbing her heart broken self out was the least she could do. "It's time to go back home and take Javelin back to Fairy Island with me. She instructed her carpet to take them home.

There is a classical movie about the blue and green genies getting involved in a poor unfortunate young man's life. I am not referring to Barbara Eden of "I Dream of Jeanie." I can not even remember the movie's name. I think the blue genies were female, and the green genies were male. I could be wrong. I am referring to their outfits, not their skin tones. Javelin was, therefore, a member of the blue genies. She was not guilty of falling madly in love with another genie.

Barbara Eden was guilty of falling madly in love with her handsome master. His name was Major Anthony Nelson, who was an astronaut, with NASA. Towards the ending of the syndicated television show, they both get married.

Javelin was not in love with her demanding human master. She was not in love with any male person. She had a very low opinion of the human race. According to her, the human population was on "the eve of destruction." They could annihilate themselves. The sooner the better! She had her heart broken by a fickle male genie. He really loved her sister, Javolon. He was using her to get her sister jealous. Jacobean deserved his cruel and greedy mistress!

"Javelin," please stop crying," Fiaria spoke softly and gently to her. "For the first time in forever," Fiaria cared about somebody else besides herself. Javelin needed her! We are flying over Fairy Island! We are back home where we really belong. My home will become your home. My fairy family and friends will become yours! Fairy Island is a sanctuary to anyone who needs it. And for as long as it is necessary!

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy Lea 1954

June 27, 2017

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