Beating the Demon's Wings

by Adam Steele


Another loose thought gave me rise to another one.

The nightmares have won.

When will the sun will ever be fun.

The children are playing on the school ground again.

The grown-ups have bills to pay - some for the endowment of a helping hand.

The sun is sunk.

The night is cold.

The summer is spent.

The nightmares are rendering to make amends.

Will the cease be broken through?

Will the hearts have met to covet through the renderings that are unjust?

Tell the boogeyman that he is gentle no more.

The sun has risen; time to put on a happy face for the crowd.

The days will never end before the end comes full circle.

The castle is the home and some come to crumble it down with words not spoken over those castle walls.

Cast the demon wings to protect these hearts once more, turning ones into others that they were never before.

Does the lamplight burn for you or does it burn out the shadows that are approaching through?

Element scars the dying light, never to be focused from what is was again.

Does the beating of your heart drown out the sounds of the screaming that is tearing you apart?

The sun has set again.

The dreams are lifting you to the truth of what is inside.

Time to pay the bills again as you die, die, die.

The stones of age lift harder in time.

Someday those stones on the precipice of everything will be left alone, fading to black with ownership that is not ever known, ever again.

Time for sun to rise as the face peels apart for the conclusion that is always the same, preying wicked among the pain that is twisting in fright - twisting in the night for the night is alone for the feelings to reside.

What pales ones that are left out of the fun as they cover the skin of the demon wings, sometimes beating them back like a cat that is getting too comfortable for the home that is become their home instead.

They do beat the demon wings but to what cause? The cause could be fathomed in many scenes that are universal to one soul.

What does reside you as the demon wings are grasping your life ensue?

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