by Adam Steele


A little thought gave me an edge to do this one.

What evils will come, it will vanish.

What arrogance has come, their false will vanish.

What crimes will come, that too will vanish.

What bad seasons will come, this will vanish.

Where the lines have crossed, this quarrel will soon vanish.

What cries have endured, the pain will vanish.

Finish the scenes of the present for soon in will vanish into the past.

These lives are not fallen in vain and will not be vanished.

The tyrants of cruel injustice will vanish in countries that have no voice.

Nightmares in people's lives will soon vanish, times that felt like near death will soon vanish. Lasting gifts of promises will soon vanish into the wind, the storm, the seas, and the rise of the tide.

The wind though will not vanish. The seas though will not vanish. The world will not vanish. The sun will not vanish for many of many years.

All encompass the sun as many come to remember what has vanished. The histories of the present will bind to what may vanish to come again in time endowed to the future.

What will - what may when civilizations vanish? What will the world vanish when the species of existence will no longer exist anymore. What will really stay when self-destruction will too vanish what was?

What is vanishing to be if no one is here to witness it? The tide will roll ever on as the wind continues to blow.

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