Her Tete-a-tete With Inner Self (Part – 3)

by Dr. Pran Rangan

After a couple of meetings with Agna, Rajni began to like her because of her simplicity and outgoingness. In one of such meetings, she informed Rajni about her breakup with Sid to which Rajni responded by feeling sorry for her. Therefore, one day she began to converse with Inner Self to seek its guidance about her relationship with Agna.

Rajni: I have begun to like Agna and there is a possibility that our acquaintance may change into friendship. I want to seek your guidance how I should react when the topic of Sid comes up because we both have a past with him.

Inner Self: Rajni, I suggest that you should empathize with her but avoid sympathizing because sympathy is liable to disturb Agna emotionally unearthing her old unhappy memories. Before sympathizing with her, you will have to dig up your bitter past, thereby creating negativity first in yourself and then transferring it to Agna. A friendship can never thrive that begins on negativity and is not likely to survive. So, start new friendship with a positive approach by not letting Agna's and your past spoil it. Moreover, thinking and talking repeatedly about something negative gives it energy to be alive. By keeping it alive, you will be making your present unhappy. By ignoring the existence of past bitter memories, you push them back in the repertoire of your memories.

Rajni: OK, I will definitely remember your sage advice. Thanks.

After this conversation, Rajni's puzzlement just vanished.

Before long, all three - Rajni, Agna and Sofia - began having frequent visits to theaters and musical shows together. They mostly used to visit market together too. Though Rajni spent good amount of time with Agna, she never broached the topic of Sid. In fact, the trio enjoyed the most when they were together. But, sadly, it is going to be cut short because after six months Rajni is going back to India after finishing her assignment.

As Rajni was interested in visiting Berlin before going back to India, she struck upon an idea of visiting it together with Agna and Sofia. So after taking them into confidence that she would be going back to India after completion of her assignment, she expressed her wish of visiting Berlin together. And they both happily agreed to it. Agna agreed to make necessary travel arrangements by air for all three. She could manage to get necessary reservations of hotels and air travel three weeks ahead from now. And all were excited of visiting Berlin as it would be a great fun being there together.

On day when Rajni is all alone by herself, she begins a conversation with Inner Self.

Rajni: I have been able to go beyond the emotional pain caused by my relationship with Sid. It appears Agna has also succeeded in doing so with the pain caused by her relationship with him. Your guidance has helped me in this regard. My relationship with Agna and Sofia has also evolved into a dependable one as we all respect each other with their individual imperfections and are honest and sincere in our interactions. When I will go back to India, I will miss them a lot.

Inner Self: Rajni, It is true that some of beautiful relationships don't last long. We have to part with each other on account of unavoidable reasons. Sometimes, a beautiful relationship is suddenly terminated by death. Nothing is permanent in this world; even impermanence is also not permanent. But still you all three can stay in touch with each other by different means. You can invite them over to India and even go to Germany to meet them in person.

Rajni: I will love to invite them to visit India. I will do my best to keep our friendship alive at any cost. Thanks for the company your give me whenever I need it.

They all leave for Berlin with lot of excitement when the day comes, expecting to have a great time together.

On reaching Berlin, they all checked in a hotel near Gengarmenmarkt, which is Berlin's exclusive shopping place. Rajni decides that she will do shopping for her Mom, Dad and younger brother from this place. Another reason she liked the place is that there is a concert hall nearby, as concert shows are her weakness.

As Berlin is full of tourist's attractions, the ladies were so busy in visiting different places that they didn't know how the period of ten days passed away. Rajni was, in fact, so fascinated by the city that she didn't want to leave it. Berlin Museum Island fascinated her the most. All were awestruck by the exhibition centers at Berlin Museum.

With much reluctance, they leave Berlin to go back to Hamburg as they have a lot to do there. But they were so fascinated by the sites of attractions in Berlin that they will never forget the experience, which was made all the more enjoyable because of each other's pleasant company.

                                                                                                                       To be continued -

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