by Andrew Z.

I lay there waiting,

For what seemed like hours,

The thoughts of you haunting my mind,

Eyes open wider than you'd ever been


Darkness was falling,

When in front of the horizon a silhouette grew,

Larger and larger,

Until, bigger than a storm cloud and blacker than a nightmare it loomed over me


A bright tendril came down from the shadow,

Morphing into the softest talon it caressed my arm


It felt around, it's blindness palpable,

It made it's way back to a most familiar place


Finding the opening in my arm it slipped it's filthy claws inside,

A wound carved by an anonymous force,

A wound that was a home to your tendrils


I knew what was next to come,


The tendril split,

Pulling on either side of the gash,

Wrapped under the inside of my skin,

They pulled and pulled,

I ripped,

The wound growing,

Up and down my arm,

An everlasting laceration


Then the tendrils left,

Flew back up to their inky black home,

Remorseless of the pain they caused


I was left alone,

Once more,

Just like before


Unable to move and glancing at my arm once more,

The same revelation as always,

Not a drop of blood


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