Chocolate-bears Go for a Stroll

by Lewis Charles

"It's dark, let's go outside!" Gary Chocolate-Bear remarked to his stunned family.

"But Dad," said his daughter. "There is no outside anymore."

She sighed.

"Since the Wyrms."

"What worms?" replied Gary.

"Not worms, Dad. Wyrms."

"Okay, what wyrms?"

"Not wyrms, Wyrms! Fucking listen to what I'm saying, Dad! Wyrms!"

"Okay, what Wyrms?"

At that moment, Mrs. Chocolate-Bear entered the kitchen, and said solemnly:

"The ones that ate the stars."

"What are you talking about?" cried Gary.

You see, he couldn't remember what had happened. Because he had Altzheimer's.

It's actually really sad.

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