From a Distance


Watching you from a far

Is like gazing at the stars

You're the twinkling dream

Of which my heart screams

But you're so far away

Deaf to whatever I say


How I sincerely wish

You're like of a sea fish

I can easily catch

The moment you're hatch

But you're a star

I can only glance from afar

Somehow it hurts me wonder

If there's really us together


The part we met was tender and sweet

But then you have to go made it bittersweet

Are you that high?

Should I give up with a sigh?

Is distance really a herald of goodbyes?

Could it really break YOU and I?


For now I'll patiently wait here

I wouldn't shed a tear

If emptiness I couldn't take

I'll choose a frolic rhythm to make

Dressing my feelings with sweet melody

To drown this melancholy


For I know somehow someday our hearts will meet

And promise each other is the only beat

Forever might be or might not be for US

But I promise to cherish the moments where we both love US.

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