Hold on Tight: Prologue

by C T

Most of the time, the beginning of a story is very different from how it ends. The feelings it gives you might be the same, but it will be different from the sentences, to the words, the syllables, and to each letter. One thing about every story is the same: it involves love. There will never be a story without love. This is because all choices are made around it. All choices are based on what and who you love most. Whether it be choosing to eat one thing or something else, or choosing between the two people you love the most. Every choice you make effects your story, which is why it is important to take time and choose the correct choice whenever you make decisions. I for one did not understand this when the "accident" happened.

When you love someone, its important to hold on to them. Keeping someone you love by your side is one of the hardest things you can attempt to do. I tried to do so with the best person I've ever met, but I failed, which cost me everything that made me happy. I had a friend, a best friend, who was the kindest, funniest, most amazing person I have met in my entire life, and will probably ever meet. He was my best friend, and I appreciated him so much, but because I did not tell him how I felt in the first place, it cost me our friendship in the end.

This story you are about to read is about love. Every single word of it. I hope it teaches you how to hold on to your friends, and I hope it teaches you to tell them what they mean to you, because when you wait to tell them, bad things will happen. That friend might float away. Read this story carefully, put a lot of thought into it, because you will need the lesson it teaches you later.

This story is about me losing the only guy I have ever truly loved.

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