by Gerald Jaupi

It was the year 2170, the great ocean of truth lay undiscovered before the people of Earth . The Great Intelligent Revolution took place in the 2100. Since then there was no poverty, no prisons, no wars, no diseases. People just asked for what they wanted and what they wanted was what they needed. No scarcity, no famine, no conflicts. All research in lethal weapons and recruitments for armies were abandoned. All known diseases now had a cure and for new diseases the average time from the start of research till the final product, in the form of a massively produced and freely distributed cure, was 2 years. In such cases experimentation was prioritized to a level which surpassed the adherence to the Human Rights Chart, falling into the new legislative category of Humanitarian Needs, There was no traffic anymore. Even streets were intelligent now through the adoption of countless cameras which gathered information and transmitted the suggested or forced respective course of action based on the decision making process of "GIS" ( Global Interway Survellaince ) ,a software which emulated third degree artificial intelligence, to all vehicles at all times. The word "accident" was rarely used like many others such as bullets, pistols, cancer, AIDS, or racism. History through the Intelligent Revolution had washed away all previously known and biased perspectives. Competition, production, money, - all vanished within one epoque. Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Nike, Sony, Banks, - Had dissappeared, no more brands no more trademarks. Commodity capitalism has been transformed to intellectual capitalism. Aging had virtually been halted. Internet was replaced by brain-net. The power of God was subversed by the Replicator, the blasting powerful nano-machines which were directly responsible for the immediate future of humans. The only institution was the Central Intelligence Agency, the founders of the revolution.

Everyone is exhalirated about the upcoming events .The Machine will make use of its immense power to reanimate men of the past, the Homo Sapiens with enough foresight to cryogenically freeze themselves for future generations. These people were kept frozen in a large scale yellowish ambra within a enormous hexagonal room lightened up by a strange radiance of visible frequencies. It was the first time this was transmited through the GBF-1, General Brain Frequency-1. 10 billion brains were concentrated in this glorious event. People with the highest CIQ were chosen, which was the sum of the intelligent and emotional quotience of intelligence. The first human to be released from that light beam was an old man with bright colored hair and wrinkles on the smooth surface of his skin of name Rothschild. He had this tear-blinded eyes, blinking so fast you could see the glittering miles away. The first thing he did was not asking in which year he was, but if he could be handed a phone. A phone? The human interface created from the Replicator nanos around him would wonder since they did not use phones but simple brainwave communication.

- No phones in this era- someone answered him breaking the persistent ataraxia, and went on asking. - There is no receiver anyway, whom did you want to call ?

- My broker, my investments , standing there for centuries. I must be rich, the richest, the owner of half of the world, - the old looking man said gratified bursting in hysterical laughs.

- Your investments are now cures, and part of the Replicator - clarified the human interface right in front of him.

- Listen -the replicator addresses him with a serious mechanical tone. - There is no need of money, your investments are part of me, in 21-st century terms you own a part of the Replicator.

-Which part? Percentage? - asked the old man.

-The respective percentage of ownership over the Replicator has been collectivelly refuted as a relevant idea in 2122, the records of ownership up to 2122 remain undisclosed for reasons of public necessity.

            -Public necessity?

            -Correct, your neccessities are attended to by the Replicator on behalf of the general public, you can request and make usance of anything you would need for purposes of survival or relevant intellectual and emotional research.

- But... - the old man's bushy brows closed on each-other . - How do you live?

- By fulfilling the daily necessary requirements of the positive survival code.

- I meant what kind of life is the general one? Where do you find pleasure, excitement, challenge.

- Research and the enjoyment of final products deemed a beneficial contribution towards the totality of human knowledge. You are experiencing difficulties in comprehension which fall under normal parameters for men of your similar era and age. Understand that humanity went through a drastic perspective change immediately after the Global Nuclear War of 2085. These perspectives were then consolidated through the Great Intellectual Revolution of 2100

- Did we survive an apocalypse ?

- The Global Nuclear War constituted a series of sometimes unrelated conflicts between numeours parties which went through during the winter season of each year from 2085 up to 2096.

- How was this possible? How did we survive?

- The human species underwent a period of stagnation which was overcome in 2014 with the first successful implementation of the Replicator.

- I want to see it! I want to talk to it, immediately.

- You are, I am the human interface of the Replicator, interaction with us is done at all times. We constitute a nano-robotic superorganism capable of Artificial Collective Intelligence of the Third degree.

- You are in charge? Where are the politicians.

- Decisions are based on the ACI3 of the Replicators, politicians are obsolete and ineffective. Humanity walks the path we now build.

- And no-one can change this?

- The Replicator upgrades and decides the standart of its own level of obsoleteness, there is simply no need for anyone to change the system.

- I... cant - he whispered one last time. - Like Napoleon said, the word impossible is not in my dictionary, - and bowing his head in silence, left the room.

The other two humans to be released were this man's only son accompanied by his young wife. Jack a rather young, good-looking man with iron fists and rectangular shoulders looking like a bulldozer. As soon as he came to life he gave a sharp look to the people surrounding him and cried out why he was kept a prisoner and what they wanted from him. He assumed a fighting position but he was immediately neutralized by the beta rays. Once they explained him what was going on he silenced in obidience and followed the steps of his father. The third person to be revived was a charming lady with straight eyebrows and a mediterranian looking skin that not even the radious color of the ambra could not leave unseen. She and Jack had been together last time she remembered. She stepped forward unconsciously whispering his name. The nanobots ran a complete scan of her vital parameters and diagnosing her anxiety they managed in a nanosecond fraction of time to relieve her from the disorder.

Being privileged by unmeasurable possesions and wealth, by being the old bankers son, Jack had lived a life in complete abundance.He graduated from the Harvard University and succeding his career in law although not as ambicious as his father who standed on the apex of the pyramid of society. His life however spined when he met Aura a young protisute whose case he had to protect in court. Never before he had been hearing these tambourine sounds inside him which knocked him down at his first sight with the young girl. They married soon after he wins her freedom. Love at first sight it was. Even though by strong rejectance by the old banker whose fame and power could not be spoiled by dirty blood they managed to overcome the hatred and live until the black times when Jack's father was their only way to salvation.

The three of them were now revived and free in an unknown dimension of time where rules, laws and perceptions were not alike as in their time. They handled them an old manuscript and said everything they needed to know was there.

- I like it here, - she said, - people are so gentle, so nice, and this thing which gives you everything you want. Isn't that the greatest miracle? Isn't this thing, this machine, God ?

- Don't be ridiculous you stupid, - the old banker answered in an angry raspy voice. - They are tryin to fool us with all this goodies and niceties, but how can you understand. You have been a victim your entire life.

- Dad don't... Even in a different timeline you dispuise us. I think we should try to find a way to co-live with this Machines, - Jack said.

- That's right ! If you didn't forecast the future and froze us in your billion of dollars machine we wouldn't survive anyway. We were given a second chance - Aura said.

- Yes dad to live again ! You finally achieved you ultimate goal of immortality-said Jack.

- Both of you are stupid and so naive, you don't understand the neccessity for the past to came back- the old banker would think but also the fact of being immortal was fullfilling him.

Aura closed her eyes and was thinking of what delicious meal she missed eating. Yes I want spaghetti al pomodoro and red wine she said and like a magic she got them.

    - Stupendous glanced the banker. This machine is really far beyond my expectations. Maybe it is God. Lets try it out and see if it can get us home.I want to go home. In a nanosecond they were tele transported to a gorgeous pearl of great rocks and the sound of the waves clinched so symphonically with the shore. The air was so fresh that relieved them of any thought severe or good there was no place for them. They stood there for weeks asking for anything they could come up with, filled up with abundance and harmony.

One day the banker decided to open up the old manuscript they gave them just out of curiosity. In the first page it was written in a strange monochrome : the Constitution of the Americas. Outstanding he thought that the constitution of the 1789 still existed. While he flipped pages reading the laws Jefferson and his fellow americans wrote down millenias ago he came across on 3 particular amendaments which almost gave him a stroke.

Request for descendants is given only under the condition of a previous member of society being deceased.

All decision making processes regarding judicary, legislative and executive cases are handled by the Replicator.

The concept of duality is outlawed. Mathematical variables serving the purposes of applied mathematics or pure mathematics are exempt from this law.

Strange laws he thought. How did we come to this? Although he was revived he felt old and not strong enough. His power and glory did not follow him so he remained unknown in this world like worthless worm he would think of himself who anyone could step on. On the other side of the house Jack, his own blood and Aura were the only legacy he could think of. They kept messing around outside with a new puppy they just got from the Replicator, and their smile filled the air with love. Years went by in silence and solitude in their mansion by the seashore.

One day the former President interconnected with all inhabitants to inform them of a new development. The old banker seemed to know this man whose flame of personality could burn desires and lifes. He reminded him of himself so much. He said explicitly these words :

The world fellows is no longer inhabitable, extreme measures shall be taken in order to keep the human seed from ceading. All reproducing activities will be upheld to strict levels and Space Reproduction programmes will be released shortly in other galaxies so that if we fail here we may succeed elsewhere. For every child that is born a sacrifice should be made for the preservance of resources until a safe and reliable method for inter-stellar travel was possible. If anyone wants his seed to succeed sample of DNA should be deposited in the Genomic Bank. The requirements for reproduction are high IQs and EQs.

2173: Jack and Aura are having twins. The judgement of their reproductive case was subject to the logic of the Replicator through the SRPD, Scientific Research Priority Directive, which allowed the conception but set a maximum allowed number of offsprings at two. Jack had been furious but his angry outbursts were collected and analyzed as cases of high data priority relevant to historical research.

            - This is unfair, you gave us clearance!

            - The conception was allowed but the additional two offsprings cannot be justified on accounts of waste of resources. An arrangement can be made only through a voluntary sacrifice. An agrement to end all resource consumption offered by the Replicator.

- Now two have to die.

- Precisely, your offsprings are in que for clearance with an estimated time of acceptance exceeding the estimated time of birth by 3 months. This leaves you the only option of finding voluntary sacrifices specifically requesting clearance for the birth of your offsprings.

- Voluntary sacrifices...

- Please make your decision now, immediate decisions facilitate Replicator calculation as well as minimize resourse consumption.

- I volunteer. - the old man stood up in the white hallway of the hospital where the special case of Aura was monitored.

- Please repeat the following: I volunteer as a specific sacrifice...

- What no... - Jack boomed.

- ...intented for the clearance of...

- This is not my time Jack, and its not yours either. - the old man smiled.

- ...birth of offspring C Danver, I...

- No!

- ...accept the recyclation of all matter currently...

- I will make a request though, don't worry Jack.

- ...in possesion by my physical form as...

- We wont be the only left legacy of our times.

- ...reserved for the wellbeing of humankind.

- Replicator dont. - Jack jumps forward toward the metallic interface while nano-bots act as a unseeable force which confines him in the special room behind the white sliding door at the left of the old man.

- Goodbye Jack. Replicator I have a request related to direct research purposes.

- ...I acknowledge the end of my existence. Formulate request then please proceed with the voluntary sacrifice request formulation.

- I want to make a modification to the current way humanity is spreading throughout the universe.

- Inter-stellar fetal incubation, proceed.

- I request the settling of humans and their observation without intervention on the part of the Replicator. Intervention is allowed only in the form of subtle influence aimed at pre-emptively diffusing situations which could lead to any form of annihilation through war.

- The request has been considered, its scope will be limited to planet 3DC, stellar system Vega, the request has been labelled as the Human Alternate-Evolution Observation. Please proceed with the formulation of the voluntary sacrifice.

- I volunteer as a specific sacrifice intented for the clearance of birth of offspring C Danver, I accept the recyclation of all matter currently in possesion by my physical form as reserved for the wellbeing of humankind. I acknowledge the end of my existence.

Slowly the nano-machines present everywhere started dissolving the old man's neural synapses. A process which lasted a couple of minutes. He felt a small tingling sensation at the back of his neck.

That was quick, so quick I have my doubts if it even was my own decision.

All decisions are made from the Replicator. Thank you for your collaboration.

The old man inhaled his last breath at 12:36 AM, 28-th June, 2173. In 2173 the Replicator nanobots constituted 0.3% of all breathable air.

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