Storm on the Farm

by Johnny Bear

I watched out across the water, the ripples of a river suddenly irritated, spreading out quickly with every splash of the sudden sprinkle rain coming down. From the corner of my eye, harsh streak of lightening catches my attention as the thunder softly roars, announcing its presence before a loud sounding clap. The dark of the evening is suddenly lit up, illuminated by the fierce lightning.

Mounting my ATV, I start it up and begin the race with the rain toward my house. I've made it though I've lost the race with the rain. Dismounting my ATV, and running onto the front porch, my shirt is soaked, sticking to my body. My hair is drenched. Before going into the house, I look out toward the direction of the crops, whispering a short prayer that the corn and the wheat survive the night in this wretched but much needed rain. I go into the house to retire to bed, feeling worrisome. No longer am I worried about everything in the fields baking in the drought. But I am fearful of awakening in the morning to find it all drowned by the storm.

At the first morning light, I'm ready for the day, hopping aboard my ATV, headed out the fields, nervous of what I'll find. I stop the ATV, My burden of worry is lifted as I look out, survey the land. Every stock of corn as far as I'm able to see, standing and flourishing. No longer drooping and dry. Thirsting.

I look up to the heaven with a smile, whispering, "Thank you, Lord."

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