Pushover Sub

by Coral

In the city of Springfield, where children played while adults worked, there lived a woman. This woman was short, wore glasses, and had black hair. She smelled like flowers and scented candles. She was also a vegeterian, and could hear and smell perfectly. When she was nervous she'd twitch. The only thing that was wrong with this lady was that she's a pushover substitute teacher. Pushover in this story means, too nice!

She would substitute 3-4 times a week, but also worked at a local supermarket as a cashier.Every class she'd teach would take advantage of her. They'd say things like, "our teacher never gives any homework ,"or ," we play all day." And the lady , as a pushover would listen and do what they said. Every kid called her,Miss Dumb, but they wouldn't say it in her face, they'd say it in private, with friends.But her real name was, Ms.Montgomery. Almost nobody knew though. She lived this way for 4 years.

Then, one Saturday night, she saw a little girl she had taught that week in the supermarket while she was working. The little girl looked at her and said,"Hi Ms.Montgomery." Ms. Montgomery just smiled and waved. As the little girl left, Ms.Montgomery had a smile in her face that didn't wear off until 2 hours later. She knew she had to change if she wanted to feel the same way she did that moment.

The next Tuesday she worked at the same school and class the little went to. As she entered the classroom , her eyes glued onto the little girl. They waved and smiled at each other. Ms.Montgomery went to her own desk and told everyone to sit down.

At first, nobody sat down, except for the little girl who was already sitting down. She said it one more time , and still, the response remained the same. All of a sudden, the little girl went up front and screamed," QUIET!" She looked at Ms.Montgomery , and smiled.

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