When I Close Mine Earthly Eyes for the Very Last Time.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


We shall overcome through faith in Jesus Christ!

When I close mine earthly eyes for the very last time, will I be standing in the longest line? Are there really patient saints entering one by one into the pearly gates? Is Saint Peter really heaven's pearly gates keeper?

Do recently departing saints see their spirits leave earthly bodies behind? Will I recognize the saints, who became deceased before me? I have the blessed assurance of just waiting and see until death just happens to claim me!

Shortly before my deceased mother, Eleanor May Dubarry died (June 4, 2007), she heard the actual voices of her dead relatives. They apparently were calling out to her," Eleanor, Eleanor soon you will be joining us." From now on, I would be responsible for solving my own problems.

My deceased mother was much more concerned with her deceased relatives than my older sister, Lynn Ellen Dubarry, and me. She also wanted me to take care of Lynn. Lynn is currently residing in an adult family home, Applewood Homecare, in Everett's largest Silver lake neighborhood. (Most people including the local media treats Silver lake as if it were its own independent city. ) People, who have had visions or near death experiences, not tell about them. They publish books, and advertise them on Christian television shows such as Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural." Some heavenly visitations do not go beyond see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Other's describe being snatched from the holding cells in hell! They are willing to warn the rest of us. Hell is for real!

A lot of people mention beholding the copper-colored feet of the resurrected Jesus Christ! Others describe the black and white checkerboard marble floor of the throne room of heaven. Some people described deceased loved ones and friends. I will know exactly what happens when I finally close mine earthly eyes for the last time. I know I will fall before him and worship at the feet of the resurrected Jesus Christ!

Love in Christ Jesus! Roxanne Lea Dubarry aka: Roxy54/ October Country April 13, 2017

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