Books of Remberance

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This is a little bit about myself?

Books of Remembrance I have not visited this site for quite some time. However, I have complete confidence I will be doing fine. I have to relearn the rules of the road. Rest assured it is not quite a very heavy laden load. I have to keep on entering Heading 3, so my humble poetic words well not become microscopic small! It's not all, I just happen to store my amateurish efforts on the line. It remains a complete mystery!

Why I may be considered a "professional?" I guess it means I do a lot of writing. But not a lot thinking things completely through! What a lot of spell checking and editing I have to endure!

I have other poetic websites, but is definitely a more challenging one. Poem hunter poets sometimes give me a 51/2 rating, if I am lucky. Whereas, utilizes a golden star rating method. Five golden stars are their highest. One is their lowest. I usually average a three star rating if I manage to deserve it!

However, recommends its poets to, "follow my reviews." Believe it or not the rating game is not the primary reason for both reading and writing poetry.

It just happens to be true! I feel as free as a wee little birdie in the sky. The time has come to bide this poem, adieu! Fare thee well! Love as always! Roxanne Lea Dubarry aka: Roxy54/ October Country April 13, 2017

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