Eye of the Storm

by Bogivry


Feminine perspective of The Circle of Life + Christmas + Gift of the Magi

...originally titled Death Lights Us

Written on December 25th 2016


This year is ... quite a year. George Michael died today. He was 53. Faith.

I don't know about you but when I see these deaths I feel a greater emptiness

It's like the death makes us all less of us

one more light goes out and it's dusk for us

who will be a light for us

can we get our matches together and be a blaze for us

puppet masters wanna make a haze for us

we gotta be smarter, evolve, see the truth in dusk

Cuz we are so amazing, you and I

We save our friends one by one, with simple actions

simply by considering the feelings of other than I

We keep this up, we can come together

So our dreams can fly (take wing)


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