My Mind...

by Kunal Samadder

My Mind...

My mind always wants you,

He wants to know what you do,

Your charming beauty, he wants to portray,

But he fails, when you go far away.

And he's happy when you talk to him very closely.

He want to get you in his every poem,

He wants to see you in his every moment,

He wants to recall those happy days

When you were his very nearest.

He smiles when you feel glad,

And he cries when you are sad,

He wants to say, he'll ne'er go from you far away.

Your honest friendship he'll forever feel,

For your happiness he can do anything,

He doesn't know whether he get you,

But hope is in his and consolation in his bosom.

I say it's his obsession, but maybe my hallucination.

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