by James Cosby


This short story is about a stripper name Penny who claims she is pregnant by a customer in the club.

It's Friday, a fabulous rainy night at the Purple Diamond strip club. Gus is a retired and a everyday customer, is drinking Ginger and Hennessy, watching a stripper name Penny, dance to a Phil Collins song, she clapping, twisting and turning on the pole. She gets a applause, money is still being thrown on stage. He asks Penny can they go back to the private room? Yes, let's go, Gus. They get back there, it's a bed, couch, flat screen TV and mini bar. Gus grabs a wine cooler, she sits down with all this money hanging from her G-string. What are you trying to do night, Gus? I want to have sex with you like I always do, he grins. OK, Gus, that's two hundred dollars, she smiles. He took his clothes off and took a Viagra pill. She locked the door and got naked. She had nice breasts and a mega ass. They laid on the bed, smoked a Philly, she rode on top, grinding, scratching his chest, she climaxed with her leg shaking and he climaxes making a weird face. They both exchanged numbers and put their clothes on. A week later Penny was in the restroom at the club taking a pregnancy test. Gus was at the bar nursing a beer. She came to him in said I'm pregnant.

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