нαν€ ⓛιps 𝓌έ ť𝓇αⓥ𝔢ⓛ

by RobinRealDeal


Walking in sunshine 🐤 the "Spring Robin" was bob bobbin along singing out red -fire was the lucky like sex seed elite tracker. The technology was worth billions in other countries but Remy was trying to explain the whole lip theory of their game.Two men were in the mountain she thought oh! no, they might be after us for some reason they feel we have some lucrative information we need o go to the cops and Dante & Remy called him Rem for short he definitely had a remedy he was the sucker for lips but he said not a good idea Sage to go to the cops they may be insiders..There has been a series of lip murders every time someone is traveling. What was wrong with him that he couldn't give Sage the comfort she needed the soft curving temptation of her vivacious bottom what was below his mind she was a step ahead on top of the surface.But they had bigger problems to take care of like a hefty inheritance took over secret lips could take over anyone's crooked smile.

The sheen in her eyes only turned violet hues but her lips could talk beneath her wings. He wasn't above her lips went 50 shades under below his Huh? He was spilling out blood from her lips of an angel but she was far from heaven to Betsy money and $ and more he couldn't quite Brooklyn bridge the gap without her. If you believe that I will sell you the Brooklyn bridge lips were her asset. Please don't cross the boss.He rides in a tinted dark car so no one can see him but he's a sucker for lips.His voice took over hard but had her taste of velvet.She was wholly Molly lip money I said yeah "Lip Essential" so potent $ Potential?"To be so aware of his transactions what love afflictions of cannot reproduce me like I am some kind of record.Please give me time to travel I certainly need a break and for the record, I am not your lip turner. Her lips skimming through his trail in seduction hair he drifted like a big river tide pleasure how he loved drifting___drifting & wanting so much more.

     What a "Smash Box" I got on him? with some of them, it was a macho image moral rich one.This was a business Trump Lip shape tower in charge Mr, Devlin and his partner Dimitri they were working on this HTML code that had to do with lips.

   Wait a minute for abbreviation it meant hell 2 my lips & look at him with his Jay leno chin said nothing lip personal. She spoke out to say the hell to you sucker. This girl was waiting outside the office the girl had her wallet out of in shape of Chanel lips waiting to give him some down payment to this Huntsman. But this is a lucrative business Miss Glossy it was springtime 🐤 birds chirping.

   But more like Hitler in springtime if you know what I mean it should have been changed to Lip tipster in hell time It was a control he perfected these lips it was his man thing his mantra. They heard this big explosion!! She said what the hell is that? Louder than a tiger on hot tin roof-boom: they needed to get the lip style hand made guns. She looked at him but she got turned on awe with his physique and broad shoulders. How he held her with his gun it smoked right through her eyes. Her strawberry lips smoking hot he got an edible bite. He loved his water "European" feel stays close to his heart.She watched the play of light and that shadow amazing glow over his face.

нαν€ ⓛιps 𝓌έ Ť𝓇αⓥ𝔢ⓛ °·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.->

     A voice comes out "Get over it baby" You have better danger to take care of. What's to endure such pleasure mercilessly so vigorously she stepped forward & he watered me down.She was smoking on fire feeling like the City girl in her Citroen.Let's get some French coffee the Italians named Carretti's. I know what you are going through you need to restart your Bugatti engine.

    He was the "Re'my" of French kisses he had the words merciful with his ladies. They were walking on the street it was named Rue Monsieur Le Prince it seemed to fit him perfectly. She was sliding her tongue against his lips. He was sexy how she loved her sugar" I Phone smelled of baked Apple" all the way up to his chinny chin of sin. She smiled and was thinking to herself she said please God have mercy lips became the new gold on hold reserved kiss on? What a hold on me or since this was the time sultry soft delicate hands France merci beaucoup she was wearing this sexy Parisian style dress yellow like the goddess sun This was not a doll collector made in France expensive dolls they were like a bone collector a lot of skeleton bones dumping off the Canarsie pier. he could see her mind working in the restaurant took a seat looking through water. Too bad my dream man wasn't my waiter taking my heart of an order.

     Seeing double pleasure this was a water time, turn over baby don't Sage me I am not a storybook you could kiss your lips on this is war time.This man was carving erotic figurines and work of art strokes all over statuette's leaving all kinds of hearts.He broke my back another one he left his hearts trails all over was women's smudge stick on the City tracks.Why did this happen and to me?

   Was he the professor of the Princeton University studying lips of passion and her will. Stop stepping all over me I felt my lips were going to freeze find your own haven pull your pants up.Have lips & I travel & get away from my lips because I own my lips baby this is not a candy concession stand.Everyone had cold feet they were scared through her lips something that stays with your heart pace.He drew in a deep breath and said to her I love you are we missing something inside his mind___and throat so feral. I love to undress you the Military live met his jungle kissed her like there was no tomorrow. How one day can be so pleasant.Or how do we find the time to even put on one fucking lipstick!! She was so shadowed in by his smile, she was seeing too many stars, at last, she forgot about her lips for the moment.

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