A Kiss 4 This?

by RobinRealDeal


That realm of love we all need to be loved the universe like an equation E 4 equal love and balance but what's in a kiss is it true? Are we loving him or a stranger out of a book to study did his kiss change. Do you feel like the center of love eternity Did he enter to find he was dreaming was this kiss to good to be true or who really knew? Well! here's the story world what are we waiting for. No waiting I'll leave this up to you? ๏ฝˆ๐“พg ๐’ถ๐ฤŽ ๐Šฤฎั•๏ผณโ’บ๐•ค

What's in a kiss ๐Ÿ’— is it godly he trailed her down her waist to the corner, the heat exploded in her cave. Fourteen Karat gold she has the perfect waves.Erotic body form like a statue balancing weight.We ride the Titanic heavy gold of freight.I was getting cold.He was putting the love pieces together being sold.Lips got blown with her Gothic gold gown She was heading to a richer town. Waiting for the big wish? We got bigger fish to sometimes goes and pain visits we all get hurt to cry.We chose the wish Cosmo Moon love true fantasies Rich gold moon of galaxies *Far sky blue* *So way out is it true* *A kiss for this* ๐Ÿ’” The person you cannot hold a candle to you miss Blowing out your wish kiss for nothing in your dish Where will it lead our hearts, beginning to the end? Love boost kick in the Dove jeans start So inspiring his kiss blows on your cheek Spiritual kiss of joining lovers to seek Her lips enter his world strong vibration She's the Divination smooch, Venus, lips not to miss bookish- kissโ™ก


Love mystery wedding ๐ŸŽ‚ in the making Big Kiss Headlines, history, marriage prayer of fate

Ladies angelic bliss Gentleman arriving late. Stock market low but he kisses her "Spirits Glow"

She's so high demand music sky he kisses her hand Robin's Fly ๐Ÿฆ A kiss for all this white light of night

Lotus- heart He brought out her best part Music lady kiss grows crystal ball.

14 Karat snob the fairest of all All in a psychic reading best kiss of all

What the kiss meant legacy of a nation Rumors spread Cosmo well said conversation


Or people friendly, casual, or love spell kiss ritual Kiss of royalty,๐ŸŽ kiss of virginity, Lips she's the warrior lady sips strong coffee shady Love story fictional sensual words her lips speak I want you a kiss for this she seeks Fit for a Queen funnel cake all the way deep

in my tunnel A kiss 4 this. A kiss for this moment or unforgettable body flames Champagne love glasses to be wed in your names

Legacy real you high society supreme he kisses you Seduced lips Strawberry___ Godly Divine___

Better than anything Stars lit all mine She shines dreamy state whip cream

The music heightens mind's reality no dream Victorious masquerade un-dress-able

   "Kiss for this" "All his" love for her not to miss. "Magic- key Kiss"-text came out she's pissed ๐Ÿ’” Unforgettable but he's so touchable I was always available emails got overflowed know things got impossible, Hearts carved in the tree bark impressionable

Kiss of tricks crashing body waves love predict's Complicated love to contradict Watching big screen movie eyes glorified A kiss for that engraved name or cheated lied? A kiss for the actor rock and roll hall of fame

Take over our minds what really exists Family holiday kisses bigger the list. A kiss so way out cosmo shout worthy divine?

                            Kiss remembering when he was mine.

Being kissed is that a the cards start shuffling only spades It wasn't a Kiss me, Kate

14 karat gold but I'm the one on hold this was our fate Desire me like nothing that you desired ever before Pathway to eternity follows your steps kiss more A kiss for investment love strong commitment Mountain fresh He's cologne herbal he speaks out to me Sensual kiss verbal big town_______ New York City Robin rural

Adventure Affection Awareness Attraction, Awakening

Drama Epic Melodrama Romance

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