Meeting at the Park-bench

by Sambu Wa Wandati


There was something about her that got me intrigued and I wanted so badly to find out that I could not resist an idea of Us finally meeting...

She is hiding behind the dark shades, provocable; mini-skirted with freaky long legs, settling her softening thighs on the park bench. She crosses her legs with a contented sigh and slides the frame of her shades with her index finger to the tip of her sweaty nose, enough to get a good clear view from above the frames; she is staring towards my direction and, after which I feel like an idiot, I look away making sure our eyes do not meet at all.

I can see her try to suppress a smile on her lips as she pushes back the frame to the bridge between her eyes. She checks her wrist watch and puts on a face of someone who is impatiently waiting for some very important person who has not yet learned the importance of time management. I do not know her name, yet.

Intrigued, I decide "now" is the time to try and see if I can really know her. One step after the other, with a little courage and faith in me, I walk towards her, head held high obviously to hide any tinge of fear, but I have no idea of what exactly I am going to say to her.

"Whats-sup? I am Nathan... you don't mind some company, do you?" this is not even what i expected. I feel so silly but of course on the outside I try so hard to maintain a face of a brave young man; not shaken by fear. She gets of her shades and signals me to sit next to her on the bench. My palms are sweaty and am scared she'd notice.

I take in a deep breath and does as instructed

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