by James Cosby


This short story is about a bank that is robbed that has a shocking twist.

             It's a cold, rainy, Monday morning at a local credit union. She is standing in line, waiting too cash her payroll check. The clerk signals for her. She walks up too the clerk. The clerk apologizes for the long wait. A man with a black ski mask, raincoat and tan gloves, appears, he pulled a gun out, pointed it at the clerk's face. She screams, Give me your money, and know one gets hurt, he shouts. He told the lady in line, to get down on the ground and don't make a sound. The clerk hurried as she puts all the money and a gym bag. The robber glanced at the clock, peaked out the window, checking for cops. Lady, you move slower than my grandmother, hurry it up, he says. The clerk cries while the another lady is preoccupied. The robber grabs the bag and runs towards the door. The lady chases him and sprays him in the face with pepper spray. He falls, holding his eyes, his gun falls, rusty and clear, she grabs the rusty gun, the clerk smiles, the lady pointed it at the robber; he winked at her; she shoots the clerk, she falls, her left shoulder is hit, blood drips, she holds her shoulder; she turning red; the lady laughed, and the robber rose unharmed; he smiled. Great job, baby. Let's split says the lady.

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