A Sudden Change of Heart -

by Dr. Pran Rangan


We all are experiencing many changes in soceity - some are good whereas some are downright bad. There are many instances of utter neglect and disregard of care of parents. This story highlights it.

Malti was walking slowly on the pavement because of pain in her knees, unaware that a dog was following her. She reached the entrance of a building of an old age home with boldly written name above its entrance - ASHA. After entering, she set to climb the stairs with great difficulty to her room at the first floor.

When she was unlocking her room, she felt somebody tugging her cotton sari. What she saw was a source of great surprise as it was Rocky her pet, who was tugging her sari. Rocky was madly wagging its tail and jumping around Malti. She started patting its head and back affectionately. She took Rocky inside and slumped herself on an old chair. Rocky sat at her feet and kept licking them. After some time, she took out some biscuits from a cupboard and started feeding him. While she was doing so, she went into a reverie of old memories.........

They were a happy family comprising of her caring husband, a doting son, an obedient daughter-in-law and a naughty grandson, Rohit, who was lovingly attached to her. Rocky, their pet dog recently became a family member, who had become very dear to Malti and Rohit. Suddenly, one day her husband had a stroke at age 65 resulting in hemiplegia and was bedridden. He had another stroke after three months but, unfortunately, couldn't survive it.

After the death of her husband, behavior of her son and daughter-in-law suddenly changed. They left no opportunity to show her that she was a burden on them. One fine morning, her son announced that they wanted her to shift to an old age home. On hearing this, she was heartbroken but, after some emotional struggle, was able to compromise with their decision.

She was so happy to have the company of Rocky and decided to keep him with her. But afterwards she thought that as Rohit was so friendly with Rocky, he would be sad without him. So, she decided to phone her son to inform about Rocky's whereabouts. Rohit was very happy to know that his dear Rocky was safe with his grandma.

Within an hour Rohit with his parents reached ASHA. As soon as Rocky saw Rohit he started wagging his tail fiercely and climbed up to Rohit's face and began licking it.

Malti's son turned to leave with the pet but Rocky would not budge to leave Malti behind. On seeing this, Rahul began to cry saying again and again: "Take grandma along with too". It was a heart rending scene. Suddenly, her son had a change of heart and requested Malti to come with them after apologizing for his mistake. His wife also apologized for their wrong decision.

All left happily for their home after packing Matli's things in her bags!

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