Heart Thief

by Margarita Gonzalez


This is the first piece I have ever written. I do not exactly know how this idea came to be, but I know I wanted to write something different and out of the norm.

      Samson Lynch is a 30 year old white male that has light green eyes, and brown ear length hair. He works as an accountant for a big name company, leaves at 6:00 am and comes back at 4:00 pm. He does not drink or smoke, and is compulsively neat. Which is Ironic considering he and his wife are trying for a child. I mean come on, who ever heard of a child that is not messy? This brings me to his wife, Yoshiko Lynch, a 29 year old Japanese American. She has mid-back black hair that is as straight as a homophobic man. Her American Heritage has caused the anomaly of green colored eyes in this small Asian looking women. She works as a nurse at a local hospital, leaves at 3:00 am and returns at 5:00 pm. She is also a non-drinker non-smoker, that rarely shows anger. They live in a suburban neighborhood that is number 2 in the safest cities to live in, their house has a basic security system that can be disabled with a simple snip of a little black wire. All in all the perfect place to rob that will set me up for the next 6 months. They have a televisions in every room, two desktops, three laptops, high grade appliances, and a top of the line stereo system. The house had a basic layout with the sliding door that opens into the kitchen, which has a open archway to the dining room. There is a swinging door that leads into the living room, and to the left is a spiraling stairway to the second floor. On the second floor are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the master bedroom has a connecting bathroom. No security cameras and simple magnetic locks for the windows. When I pick a house to steal from I have three rules that I always abide by: they have to have at least a five figure job, I cannot spend more than 2 months at a single house, and I must never get attached. That last rule is an absolute. When you get emotionally attached you make mistakes and get caught.

      So as I watch them from a bush on a hill that has a good view of the dining room window, I go over the plan in my head. Tomorrow Yoshiko has a doctors appointment at the local hospital from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, which I know because people nowadays are stupid enough to leave important information stuck to their fridge. Samson will be going with her because of course these two are a disgustingly sweet couple that act like they just got married yesterday. When they leave I will cut the security wire in the power box on the side of the house. I will then proceed to brake in through the sliding door in the backyard. Most robbers make the mistake of starting on the first floor, but the correct way would be starting on the second floor. This gives me enough time to escape if the residents return earlier then you expected. The more bulkier objects should be taken first because the smaller objects could be carried when making an escape. I parked my van on the other side of the hill, which gives me proximity and a low chance of it being spotted. My vehicle has a blank sticker covering my license plates and will only be removed at least 5 blocks away. I keep my plan simple and clean. I always thought it was a clich√© for thieves to wear all black and it most often puts a target on your back. I wear dark green cloths and gloves. Wearing certain shoes can sometimes be identified and cannot be easily destroyed. So I wear 4 layers of sox and burn the bottom two pairs when a I get home. Everything is in place for tomorrow so I go down to my van and set my alarm for 5:00 am.

      I wake up to my buzzing alarm and get dressed, climb the hill and stake out till there car leaves the driveway. Once they are gone I carry out my plan. About an hour and a half later the upstairs goods are all loaded in my van. I am coming down stairs, about to start in the living room, when I hear their car pulling in. I know I am not going to make it to the kitchen in time so I am forced to hide somewhere. I look around and spot a coat closet in the living room, I somehow force my way in and close the door just in time for the front door to open. As I hear two footsteps enter ,and walk to the couch in the living room, I am confused at why neither of them have said anything. Then I hear sobbing that sounds like it is coming from Yoshiko. I am a thief and I can never be ashamed of something that keeps me alive, but a women in pain is something I cannot stand. It reminds me of the day my father abandoned my mother and I for another women. My mother had cancer and only lasted for 2 more months after he left. In her last days she was depressed and even begged me to kill her. She felt unloved and could not stand living any longer. I wish I can block out the sobbing but it doesn't sound like trivial tears. It sounds like Yoshiko is bearing her broken heart to all those who will listen. She wails out about how she wanted a child so much, she just wanted to have a someone to love and raise. In her rant I pick up what happened, she was two months pregnant and when she went to her doctor's appointment they were told she lost her child. Samson doesn't say a word and just holds her till she falls asleep from exhaustion. I hear his footsteps walk towards the love seat and sit-down. I stay in the closet till I hear both there breathing even out in deep sleep. As I sneak out quietly and climb the hill I contemplate my morals. These people are living life the best they can, yet they are denied something that they deserve so much more than others. I have just stolen from somebody that doesn't deserve it, and in the end how can I judge who deserves it or not. I am just as bad as any old thief or murderer. I cannot live like this, no matter how I rationalize my actions I will suffer in the end. I realize that I have just broken my third rule, I got attached to my target. Watching this couple has made me soft, and I know that I have to get out of here before I make a stupid mistake that will get me caught. I drive five blocks away and peel off the tape on my license plates; then, continue on to my apartment in the city. I continue on my normal routine like I do after every job, but I cannot forget this couple that somehow nudged themselves into my heart.

        It is months later that I find myself driving to the house that has not been able to leave me. In the time I had to think I finally decided that I could not just leave that broken family without seeing them one more time. This family that I came to care about has changed me, it made me look at my life, pushed me to want more then this lonely husk of myself. It is my luck that I came across Yoshiko and Samson. Without them I would have not wanted to be more than I am now. I park a block away from their house, and leash my newest companion. I got Tiberius at a pound a mile away from my apartment, he is a German Shepherd that was next in line to be put down. I start walking down the street and slow down as I get closer to their house. I knock on their door, unable to keep the excitement off my face, and wait for someone to answer. The door creeks open and I see the face of Samson. I smile and say "Hello, my name is Robert Hanson, I was thinking of moving in this neighborhood and wanted to ask the people who live here how safe it is."

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