Love Is Everything. Love Is Nothing.

by Apollimy

We believe an apocalyptic event will end the world. Truth is, our world will be destroyed by something simple and unoriginal...







Love is the most dangerous element in our world today.




Is there anything that you wouldn't do for Love?


Would you offer up your own life to protect Love?


Would you kill for Love?


Would you sacrifice others in the name of Love?




We all search for it,


Continuously throughout our lives.


Some of us find Love sooner than others.


But, we all find it at some point.


Even if it is just for a fleeting moment.




We were not created to work our lives away, day in and day out.


Our births are not the prelude to a life's story of making money and pay bills.


We are basic creatures, with extraordinary minds.



For us to LIVE we NEED only three things: food, water, shelter.


To THRIVE we need companionship and Love.


Nothing else.




But, we have entrapped ourselves within an ever-evolving world of technology.


We willingly relinquished our primal and animalistic instincts.


With hope that we will be accepted into our own individual communities.


Which increases our chances of receiving Love, from other people.




Love is more than a simplistic idea.


Love in its pure unadulterated form is a chemical imbalance within our very own brains.


Sometimes Love betrays us, and sometimes it saves us.


Love is beautiful.


Love is blinding.


Love is deadly.


Love is the everything.



We are Love.

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