by Kerrin Tarr


A hapax is a word that occurs only once in a book / song / piece of writing etc.

I saw a challenge once I discovered this word and thought to write my second one-hundred-word story based on this.

Although some may think it's not your typical story, it can relate to the story of how one might conclude their journey in life so far.

Sometimes I look back on my life, realising things could have been completely different. From spontaneous decisions to detailed planning, our fate chooses where we go.

Reminiscence of one place, in particular, surrounds me with happiness --- home.

It is the only time when anyone can effortlessly reveal themselves, assuming they are treated well; enriched childhoods should be dignified and support all neglected ones.

Each memory does not get repeated. Individually, a unique feeling drowns out any other emotion that may dominate us.

Hope will guide you towards an outlook concerning your journey within this world, which makes positivity outshine negativity.'

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