Dead Sentence Pt 2

by Stephen Abang

                                                                        UNFORTUNATE RESULTS: CHAPTER 2

      Dr. Clark takes a deep breath, musters all the strenght he has and wedges the File Cabinet firmly against the Laboratory Door. Peeking through the blinds of the Lab Window, he notices the beams from the Guards Flashlights and their footsteps echoing and illuminating the quiet dark hallway.

      The Doctor slowly closes the blinds, then crouches as the Flashlight beams and footsteps draw closer. The Head Security Guard motions to the others to hold their positions. " We know you're in there Doc, and you know you're tresspassing. Just come on out so we can escort you off the property. No one's getting hurt tonight".

      Dr. Clark squeezes his eyes shut and shakes his head in silent dispair, anger and frustration. His lips try to muster up words to speak but he doesn't. He thinks to himself what it would matter if he spoke? He realizes he's been made, the Guards know he's in the Lab, staying quiet wouldn't make much of a difference now. A sudden spark in his eyes ignites a glimmer of hope, his lips move. "I'm not finished yet, still got work to do!".

      The Head Security Guard uses a hand gesture prompting the 2 Guards to take cover next to the Lab Door. "Maybe you forgot Doc, but your License was revoked by the Board pending the investigation. I don't know all the details, but i was given strict orders that you're not authorized to be on the property under any circumsances. Leading to my next question." Dr. Clark interjects, "How I got into the Building? I've worked here for 20 years Son. Compiled more than one Key Card over the years. Listen!!! I just need more time. I'm working on something very groundbreaking you couldn't possibly conceive the magnitude of its relevance. Just give me more time, Damn it !!!!"

     The Head security Guard starts a 3 second countdown with his fingers. " Sorry Doc, time's up." The 2 Guards step back from the Lab door then forcefully ram their shoulders against it. The impact lunges Dr.Clark forward into the Mouse's Pharmaceutical Glove Box knocking him to the ground, and knocking the Pharmaceutical Glove Box over onto the Lab floor and opening its latch.

  The Lab door is rammed into a second time by the 2 Guards, this time leaving  it slightly ajar. The Head Security Guard peers through the Crack in the Door and notices Dr. Clark crawling on all fours searching frantically for something.  "Doctor Clark!! lay on the Ground and keep your  hands spread to the side for our safety and yours".  The Commands fall deaf to Dr. Clark. The Overweight Guard spots Dr. Clark searching the Lab floor as well. He whispers to the others,  " I see him!! looks like he's looking for a Weapon. Scalpel maybe Scissors. We gotta take him out. Someone could get serioulsy hurt or infected if we get cut. Who knows what kinda chemicals he's been working with in there. "The Skinny Guard nods his head in contentment. "I agree, Blacky's definitely lost his mind after getting fired. We can take care o'this easy, and come out on top like the heroes that stopped the Nigger Mad Scientist after Breaking and entering onto a restricted property."

     The Head Security Guard looks at the two Guards with a look of pondering bewilderment when Dr. Clarks voice bellows out from the Lab. "Stay back. Do not step into this lab under any circumstances. Do you hear me!!". The Overweight security Guard whispers, " You hear that? That sounds like a threat to me." The Skinny Guard places his hand on his Tazer Holster. " Sure does. Like he's running things around here with his fancy Degree. Seems like we need to remind him he's lost all his privileges. C'mon what're we waiting for? Cops'll be here any second and you know soon as they show up how things'll play out."

   Dr. Clark gets off his knees and hands sweating profusley, "Hey, little friend. Where are you? Where's your body? Damn it, show me something". A skittering sound sends Dr. Clark spinning around. " Is that you little friend?". Dr. Clark slowly approaches a Lab refrigerated unit underneath its Dark base, located in the corner the Lab seems to be the source of a squeak he hears, he approaches it slowly.

     Immedietly the Lab Door and Filing Cabinet wedged against it are knocked across the room. The 3 Guards storm in behind a startled Dr. Clark with their tazers drawn. Dr. Clark turns around facing the Guards when the Main Security immedietly fires his Tazer into Dr. Clarks chest, the volts cause Dr. Clark to stiffen, but he fights the electrical surge racing through his body. The Overweight security Guard cracks a grin on his face, noticing the unresponsive effects of the first Tazer, he fires his next into Dr. Clarks Right shoulder. Dr. Clark Drops on one knee shaking erratically, but not completey succumbing to the shocking effects of the Tazer

" You gotta be fucking kidding me." The Head Security Guard examines his Tazer, surprised at its non effect then he looks at the Overweight Guard who looks equally stunned watching Dr. Clark still not dropped by their Tazers, when a Gun shot explodes hitting Dr. Clark in the Abdomen. Dr. Clark falls on his Back on the Lab floor.

  Dr. Clarks blurry vision follows the slow stream of his own blood as it flows underneath a Lab Refrigerated unit. At the end of the Blood stream, underneath the Lab Refrigerated unit, Dr. Clark makes out the shape of a small creature, its eyes glowing green, consuming his streaming blood. Dr. Clark cracks a painful smile and whispers " Hey, little friend."


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