Ramming Speed

by Johnny Bear

"As acting captain, I cannot allow this. There are 1000 people aboard this ship."

"Yes but there are 70 billion people down there on that Planet."

"No, I protest. When I was appointed acting captain after Dale died, I was appointed the responsibility to protect this ship at all cost... Even if it meant my life."

Ron watched the view screen. Their weapon, a massive weapon was firing up. He could see the electrostatic glow as it grew brighter and brighter on the end of it. The vessel was several times bigger than the USS Nova. An unbelievably large fraction of the size of the planet it was about to destroy. A planet with billions of people who could die if Pete continues with his protest.

"Pete. There is a thousand of us on this ship. There is billions of people on that planet. Our wives, our sons, our daughters are on that planet. Pete, your unborn grandson is on that planet."

"You and I joined the fleet together. And, Pete, when we joined, we took an oath. An oath to protect this planet, to protect this galaxy at all costs.... Even if it meant our lives."

The two men looked once again on the view screen. He considered, 'The need of that many outweighs the need of us few'. He sat down in the captain's chair. His trembling hand reached for the comm button on the console.

"Attention Crew, This is Captain Myers. We are about to engage the enemy vessel at ramming speed. We may or may not survive. I suggest that you pray your final prayers to whatever god you know."

Turning off the comm, he gave his orders to the bridge crew.

"Ready engines. Full ramming speed. Phase weapons, full power, torpedoes on continuous fire."

The USS Nova, speeding with full force toward the massive enemy ship. The torpedoes fired continuously on the ships engines while the phase weapons were concentrated on that long glowing rod like weapon beneath its main hull. A sudden blast of a bright orange red emanated from the back of the enemy ship. Nova's crew watched as the ships began to crack as the engines burst into flames. The USS Nova continued its collision course with weapons firing strong. The glow of the enemy ships firing rod began to fade, but sudden spread through the entire rod. The image on Nova's view screen was suddenly replaced by a blanket of of a bright yellowish orange for only seconds before the image returned, showing the enemy ship as it burned and slowly disintegrated by the power of its own weapon.

Ron looked to see Pete with his head leaned back on the captain's chair. He can see the emotion in the acting captain's eyes, overwhelmed, trying hard not to cry. Ron even sensed the emotions of the rest of crew, who usually are cheering when the Nova has come through a battle. There was a feeling of relief but also the realization that they had almost died to save the planet Earth.

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