Alien Invasion

by Southern Cloud


when alien invaded the earth....

"Hey, you haven't completed that story" holding the beer bottle Jim told to Steve.

"Which story?" Steve leaned onto the beach chair and asked.

"That one, how you and Ivana escaped from aliens".

"Ah, that one. Where did I stop?"

"You and Ivana got caught by alien supporting people. And they were dragging you and Ivana to the stadium".

"Hmm.... Give me a moment. Let me refresh my memories. Yeah! There was rain. It was dark and only very less street lights were there.The whole earth was scared. Shattered. It was on the 4th day after the alien invasion. The powerful and very rich people soon made a treaty with the aliens. They were able to communicate with us. They were much advanced and we were never coming close to them in any technical advancement. They realized soon that they require only a few supporters and the remaining can be their slaves. I somehow managed to escape from their eyes for 3 days. While saving Ivana, I got caught. I suppose that they kept a trap for me. Ivana was too scared. She cried for a long time. Then realized the fact that we can't escape".

"Was that the first time, you both meet?"

"No, man. We were living in the same street. I think I told you before. I used to like her a lot".

"Yeah. I remember. You told me that you both used to go to same grocery shop".

"Yes. I still doubt that the rich men called the alien for their benefit. The aliens were really scary. Their skin was smooth and they could rotate their heads in 360 degree. They could extend the hands to 3 feet and they even could use an extra pair of hands which were popping out from the side of the body. Some of them were drinking human blood and their sound was too loud. They didn't even leave women and children."

"Oh!" Jim was sad and scared.

Steve continued, " I and Ivana were pushed to the stadium. The sounds were unbearable.

Helpless people were in the center of the stadium. Men, women, children..., some were crying. But most of them were shivering.s I saw a counter which looked like a ticket counter. Alien supporters were trying to manage the alien crowd who was fighting for the tickets. When a number is being called, the alien will bring it's slave human and then the human will be killed in brutal ways... Oh! It was too brutal. Blood everywhere. And the alien will be allowed to drink the blood... So many people were standing in line with chains on their legs. Their hands were cuffed. I thought my life was going to end here. This is it...Soon I heard some of the alien supporters saying about a water leakage which is in the basement. I thought this might be a chance for me. I told them that I and Ivana are plumbers. We both work in the same firm and we could help. Since it was an urgent issue, they considered my proposal."

"Did they take both of you to the basement?"

"Yes. We both walked down and it was a mess. An after effect of people's protest. Some people were still struggling to fight back. I checked the pipes and searched for the valve. Ivana was kept on looking at me for a sign. She was hoping that I may tell her to run at any moment. I too looked for an opportunity. But with the heavily armored alien supporters around me, it was difficult. We were all drenched completely. I turned a knob to open a valve which was over my head. I could smell sulfur. I opened the wrong valve. At that moment, I heard a scream from behind. The alien standing behind me became reddish and then it's body fluid starts to come out of the tissue which now looks like burned. Behind of me, from the dark, some of the protesters came out. It was unexpected. They killed the supporters after a short fight. I and Ivana ran along the protesters to the drainage pipes on the corner. I jumped after pushing Ivana through the pipes and we all landed in a tank which is a bit far from the stadium. My mind was thrilled and my body filled with adrenaline. Holding Ivana to my chest, I screamed with joy to the protesters 'I found a way to kill those bastards. Its Sulfur, Sulfur is toxic to them'."

"Your presence of mind saved all"

"You told right. We all then went on top of the tank of the stadium and mixed sulfur into the water. And we managed to restart the fire safety system. The sulfuric acid got spilled throughout the stadium at midnight".

"But there were people right?" Jim was concerned.

"Not anyone alive. Only some supporters and most of the aliens were there. Soon the news spread to other countries and we could save the world in two weeks time," Steve lit a cigarette as he finished the story.

"About what you guys are talking?". Ivana removed her sunglasses and stood up. She patted her shoulders to remove the sand as she was lying down on the sandy beach.

"About the dream, I had last week on aliens". Steve turned to her.

"How stupid you both are. Who will dream on alien invasion? You are crazy Steve. And you, Jim, are you silly to listen to his ridiculous speech?" She looked irritated.

"What? Did you call my dream a ridiculous one? I risked my life to save you. And you call it ridiculous?" Steve was offended and Jim felt it was right to get offended.

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