Dead Sentence

by Stephen Abang


" If Jesus can rise from Death, so can Man"

-Dr. Clark

                                                      MADDER SCIENCE: CHAPTER 1

    Dr. Raymond Clark's head is buried in a pair of Microscopes lenses. His fingers turn the resolution dial as he bites his lower lip examining the contents on the Petri plate anxiously. A rattling and squeaking sound in the lab takes his attention off the Microscope lenses to a Mouse Cage on a Desk behind him. The White Mouse nibbles on the Bars of the Cage as if it were trying to escape an inevitable unknown fate. " It's alright little friend. It's all alright." Dr. Clark adjusts his glasses as he looks at the White Mouse. He gets off the lab stool and starts walking over to a refrigerated unit, still staring at the Mouse. " In life and Science little Friend, we all have a role to play, no matter our color or how big or small we are".

     A cloud of mist swirls out the refrigerated unit as the Doctor opens its door. He takes out a Purple Test tube, holding and examining it in his fingers, before closing the door shut.The Doctor proceeds to put on a pair of Medical Gloves right after placing the Purple Test Tube in a Tube Holder. Unlocking the Mouse Cage, Dr. Clark picks up the Mouse,"Tonight, you too will play your part." With one twist he snaps its neck.

    Outside the Lab, security search lights roam over the grounds of "Viotex Laboratories" as Rain pours down heavily. A Security guard flips through the pages of a Pornographic Magazine as he chews his gum profusely. Occasionally he looks up at the Monitors displaying the Hallways and Laboratories of Viotex Labs. The loud Crackle of Lightning and Thunder almost causes the Security Guard to fall off his chair. Embarrassed, he closes the magazine and puts it in the Desk drawer.

       The Guard sighs, wiping his face and focusing back on the display Monitors. Attentively he examines each of the Monitors, everything seems normal until his eyes squint at something on one of the Screens. He sits upright and zooms in closer on the monitor and notices movement in one of the labs, "You gotta be fucking kidding me". The Guard hastily grabs a Walkie Talkie from his belt; "Viotex Guard Post to Dispatch, we have a Level 4 Trespasser, I repeat a Level 4 Trespasser on the property. Send Back up as soon as possible. Proceeding to apprehend suspect. Over and out." As the Guard dashes out the Door of the Guard post slamming the door behind him, a picture pinned next to the door falls off and floats to the Ground. Its a picture of Dr. Raymond Clark. It reads. " No entry permitted under any circumstances. If seen on property, contact the Local Police Department."

       Dr. Clark stares nervously at the Dead White Mouse now placed inside a Pharmaceutical Glove Box. Using a Syringe, he carefully draws out the contents in the Purple Test Tube and injects it into the Dead White Mouse. "Trial #146. 2:45 am. Test Sample has been Dead for 15 minutes." He looks at his watch to make sure. "Formula "X has been injected to the Spinal column of subject. No indication of life. Continuing observation." The Doctor readjusts his glasses, peering though the Glass at the Mouse for any sign of life, even a twitch. Time seems to have stopped, the air at a stand still, utter lifeless silence as Dr. Clark awaits the findings he's seeking . The tense moment ends with the "Ding!" of an elevator. Dr. Clark hears it. He turns towards the Lab Door, staring at it for a moment until he hears voices and footsteps approaching. " More time. I need more time." The Doctor looks around the Lab impatiently until his eyes light up at the sight of a file Cabinet. He rushes to the File Cabinet and starts dragging it towards the Main Lab Door.

      The Guard and 3 others grip their stun Guns tightly, looking down the Laboratory Hallway at the only Lab with its Lights on. He Turns to the Overweight Guard behind him, "Nobody gets on this Elevator, do you hear me? Stay put and keep your eyes peeled. If you see him, Radio it in. The rest of you, follow me."

                                                       TO BE CONTINUED

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