Hell for Heather the Leather Part One Continues

by george camble


Pleased with her decision, Heather kicked her high thigh leather boots off and strode into the huge, open lounge area as the large picture window and patio doors, led out onto a wide balcony where Heather could see that the sun was setting over the streets in which a couple of days out in the country was just what she needed to unwind and relax before she took her next busy day working as a leather wear clothes shop worker as more of a hobby than work in which she was making a fortune but she didn't need it because her parents had provided handsomely for her and the work was a way of getting out and meeting people while saving herself from getting dragged down into a life of marriage and endless party functions that seem to be a lot of many to her friends "It's just not for me" she said to the sunset until the clipped a well, educated voice echoing around her "Do you talk to yourself a lot Heather? The voice gasped as Heather spun round and was stunned by the sound of another female voice who was sitting on the brown leather sofa with her shapely legs crossed and her arms stretched out along the back of the sofa as she was wearing a pink, silk dressing gown with the cord pulled and knotted tightly at her slim waist while the upper half were opened just enough to reveal a plunging cleavages as the silk had slipped from her crossed legs to reveal smooth flesh up to her mid-thigh but her calves were wrapped in shiny , red rubber boots with high pointed and almost, needle like heels.

Her Brunette hair was lightly permed and hung around her face and neck like a halo in which there was nothing angelic about her face and eyes that were attractive indeed yet, there was a danger in her gaze with a cruel twist to her lips when she smiled invitingly at Heather "Do you remember me? She asked Heather "You were at that fetish party last week. It's Silky Sue Wilkins isn't it? Heather answered "I'm glad that you remember me" Sue smiled which also widened "well no that the introductions are over, do you think you could tell me how you got in here? Demanded Heather with a calm voice but eyes glazing with anger now that she had overcome her initial shock of surprise "Chris Judd gave me his key" Sue told her until Heather's anger peaked when she felt a rush of her head to her head to her cheeks "When we split up he told me that he'd lost his keys. I suggest that you now give it back to me and close the door on your way out" Ordered Heather but Sue slowly uncrossed and then crossed her legs again while her eyes never left Heather "I didn't come here to return your ex-boy stroke girlfriend's keys" Sue explained "Then why are you here exactly? Asked a very curious and nor worried Heather "I thought that was obvious " Sue replied "I want to screw you" She continued before Heather could feel the laugh rising up her throat and her lips slowly curling upwards until then, she saw the seriousness in Sue's eyes as her throat suddenly dried when she stared at her, unwelcome guest in silence as though she couldn't think of anything to say "You are surprised. It was a statement. Not a question. I don't see why you should be. You are very attractive woman. I thought so when Chris stroke Christine introduced us at the party last week" Sue continued "So this is Chris's idea of a joke is it? His way of getting back at me for kicking him out of my life? It's original, even for him" Heather announced regaining some of her composure " I suggest that you go back and tell him that I'm neither interested nor amused with his little game and I shall also suggest that you find yourself a new partner as I know you are an attractive woman but you could do far better than that crossdressed drag king trannny" Heather told her until Sue then slowly uncrossed her legs and stood up with that smile which was still on her lips as her eyes were more darker and more dangerous.

As Sue was standing, Heather was surprised to realize that the woman was almost as tall as her own five feet, ten inch frame when sue walked towards her as her step were slow and measured but almost predatory while Heather held her ground by refusing to reveal the nervousness that crawled across her skin but dam it. This was her flat and no one was going to intimidate her especially in her home so she lifted her chin as Sue stopped less than half a foot in front of her "Chris Judd has nothing to do with why I'm here other than the fact that he gave me your key" Sue explained "And why would he do that? Heather asked angrily "Because he knows better than to defy his mistress" Sue responded until Heather opened her mouth to say something but stopped herself by shaking her head "Whatever Chris decide to get up to. It was none of my business now so look. I have had a really long day and I don't need this" Heather explained "I think you do. That's why I got Christopher to give me his key" Said a reluctant Sue " But that belongs to me" Heather continued with her hand-held out " Please return it and leave" Heather protested as the smile fell from Sue's lips leaving her face dark and shadowed as her eyes appraised Heather from head to toe and then back up again, lingering on her groin and breasts before once again, making harsh eye contact "I came here to screw you Heather Brackem and that is what I will do" Said a threatening Sue "And if I refuse" Heather asked before Sue's lips curled upwards once more and this time, her smile was even crueller "I hope that you will. It will make it more fun" Sue continued as Heather was about to respond but only gasp in surprise when Sue suddenly grabbed her hand and spun her around, pushing her against the glass while her other hand was wrenched behind her back until something cold was slipped around her wrists "Stop it! Heather cried as a click signified that the handcuffs had been fixed firmly around her wrists "You are not in command here" Sue hissed arrogantly in to Heather's ear "I am so if you wish to save yourself a considerate amount of pain then I suggest that you accept that right noThe pane of glass was cold against Heather's forehead but it did little to cool the flush of heat that was creeping up her chest , neck and cheek "Okay! Heather whispered "You should call me mistress" Sue announced as she turned Heather around and moved her towards the centre of the room "Kneel down! Sue ordered "Kneel down! I won't tell you again" Sue repeated as if reading Heather's mind when she said it "I suppose you are probably wondering if you can escape as I know that such an attempt would be pointless. How do you expect to open the door with your hands handcuffed behind your back" She explained as she circled Heather's space "I suppose you've probably also considered shouting for help as I know that would be futile. Chris was kind enough to inform me that you are somewhat vocal when you are being screwed. Hence the expensive and very discreet soundproofing that you have added to this house." Sue continued but stopping in front of Heather, Sue fixed her piercing, dominant stare "Now Kneel! She spat "You won't get away with this" Heather warned with her eyes defiant as she sank to her knees while Sue stared down at her with her eyes narrowed wit contempt "Speak again without permission and you will be sorry" She warned Heather with no threat in the statement , just a harsh truth that sealed Heather's lips as her mind spun in a vortex of fear to dread yet somehow, to remain calm and rational enough to realize that obedience was her only hope. " Sue urged .

Sue must have been the resolve in Heather's eyes because she gave a small nod "Yes! First comes obedience but it will quickly be followed by surrender" Sue suggested "Never! Heather half cried as her anger and fear gave her enough strength to slap Sue but Sue's open palm connected with a sharp slap back had Heather bumping into Sue's chest and cheek when Heather's head rocked to the side of her, leaving Sue stunned rather hurt by the fact that someone had dared to hit her and also more shocked to discover the heat of fear that had reddened her chest and neck that could have abruptly moved to settle between her closed thighs which was a familiar tingling feeling which had played at her groin and breasts but to ignore the sensation, denying her body reaction would prove to be impossible and to look in Sue's eyes told Heather that she had seen reaction but rather than comment, she merely took a harsh step back and raised her hand to the silk cord around her waist but using one hand, Heather unfastened the knot as the cord slipped the gown from her shoulders where it fell into a silk pool around her feet in which Heather stared up at the woman with her eyes wide and her cheeks and neck flushing red.

The straps of the silk bra were thick lengths of chain that looped over either shoulder until a further chain looped from underneath Sue's breasts to criss cross her stomach in a glittering web with the large , rosy nipple poking out through holes in front of the bra which were hard and erect while below the chains that lay across her tanned stomach, Sue wore silk pants that were of a similar style to the bra with thin straps that crossed both hips with similar chains looping around each thigh to cross underneath Heather as the pants were opened to expose a mound of neatly trimmed hair over glistening flesh but like her stomach, Sue's legs were smooth and tanned with thigh that were round and perfectly shaped but uncovered the bare nudity.

Heather then swallowed and desperately wanted to look away but her eyes remained glues to the incredible sight before her as Sue bent forward and before Heather could even think to stop her, her hands had torn Heather's leather shirt leaving Heather's ample chest exposed "No bra then! Sue announced and roughly cupped a smooth breast in her hand "You whore! Heather knew that this was not true but the way that Sue said it shamed her when she hung her head even when the warmth between her thighs grew until it took about a few moments for Sue to rid Heather of the last of her clothes in which Heather's strong hands merely ripped the material away until the expensive blouse, skirt and underwear layed in tatters around her.

Shamed even more by her nakedness and vulnerability, Heather could not raise her hand to meet Sue's gaze even as the other woman studied her silence nor could she even look up when she felt Sue's hands at her neck and only Heather was far from naive when she had a good idea about what Sue intended to do with that crop if she did not behave herself in which Heather told herself that it was riding crop in Sue's hands that made her lean towards the offered boot but after finishing off the left boot, Heather moved her head towards the right boot and gasped to give a small shiver as she felt the end of the crop being traced across her shoulder blades until the feel of it was electric and she felt a rush of heat set her groin ablaze as the crop was tapped against her back and was hard enough to even sting which made her gasp again while her mouth move to the top of the boot when it covered half of Sue's knee as the smooth flesh of the thigh above beckoned her in which she could not stop her lips from kissing the soft skin of Sue's outer thigh until a stinging blow between the shoulder blades made Heather cry out in surprise "Did I tell you to touch me anywhere else? Sue asked with her voice harsh and commanding for a voice of a mistress "No! whispered Heather before another stinging blow made Heather gasp "Did I say that you could speak? Sue asked as she stepped back and raised her boot to rest her sole against Heather's shoulder but harshly in which Sue pushed with her foot and Heather fell backwards and sideways, landing heavily on her hip and shoulder "OnWith her hands fixed behind her back, Heather managed to roll so that she could lift herself onto her knees and when she was kneeling again, Sue turned for the sofa, pulling the chain with her and Heather which was forced to shuffle across the carpet on her knees "Have you ever screwed a woman before Heather? Asked Sue as she sat down, leaving Heather kneeling in front of her but Heather was about to speak when she remembered what had happened last time she spoke as she slowly shook her head "Then that is something else that I will have to teach you" Sue sighed, making it sound as if the task would be a chore as she tugged harshly on the chain when she spread her thighs and forced Heather to kneel between them. your knees! Sue commanded while tugging on the chain with some difficulty.

As Heather moved between Sue's legs, she stared down at the neat, plump vagina in which Heather had little time to study the glistening sex because Sue abruptly grabbed the back of Heather's head and forced her face downwards, pushing Heather's mouth onto these plump lips "You know what to do" Sue announced with conviction, keeping her hand on the back of Heather's head "I know that you've sucked breasts as you know how to use those full and luscious lips of yours so use them on me slave" Sue advised as her other hand held the crop as she tapped it against Heather's toned buttock before she said "Don't try to come up for air until I say so now. Lick me slave" She commanded Heather as the smell of Sue's vagina were both strong and alluring when the musk seemed to loosen Heather's last remaining hope or defiance as she slowly extended her tongue to sample the first taste of a woman's juices until she groaned as the first taste catered to hunger that she had never even known existed inside her until sue had been awoken with ravenous groaning which Heather lapped at the plump lips and sweet flesh devouring the juices that spilled from the opeAlthough she had never tasted another woman's vagina, Heather knew instantly what to do and Sue seemed surprised by Heather's ability and because Heather's hand were still fixed firmly behind her back, her position and the pressure on her chest and shoulder blades quickly became too much for Heather that she had to sit back while Sue's eyes narrowed as she quickly raised the crop "Please Mistress! Heather grasped as her eyes appraised the crop "Please release my wrists. I won't try to run. I give you my word" Heather pleaded as Sue's eyebrows flicked up "I wouldn't mind if you did decide to run" Replied Sue but said nothing more as she leaned forward to unfasten the handcuffs and with a sigh of relief, Heather rolled her shoulders and rubbed her wrist "No time for that! Sue announced firmly with her fingers twisting in Heather's hair before she thrust Heather's head back down "Get back to work! Ordered Sue as Heather's lips engulfed the plump vagina and without the painful pressure on her chest and shoulders, Heather found it easier to work and the wet vagina before her was not only as easier but was also more pleasurable for her as her tongue worked on the hardening clitoris in which she felt Sue's thighs quivering as she vaguely heard the woman sigh.n vagina.

The knowledge that Heather was giving Sue pleasure, heightened her taste as she worked even harder when she moved her hands to slip her fingers between Sue's legs which made Sue tense in which Heather expected another blow from the crop because Sue had not instructed her to touch as well as lick as the blow never came because Sue perhaps waited to see what Heather intended to do as she was so determind not to disappoint her that Heather remembered what Chris alias Christine the crossdressed, drag king female transvestite used to do to her as the woman might have been a drag king in Heather's eyes but she was magnificent in bed as her fingertips found the vagina lips and parted them gently, pushing her tongue through to find the vagina opening in which Heather planned to be gentle as Chris had always been until now, Heather was presented with this open vagina and sh couldn't hold back when she thrust her tongue forward, sliding it into this moist hole as hard as she could before she felt Sue buck upwards that made her smile inwards as she heard Sue gasped with surprise " Screwing hey! Sue gasped as she thrusted her vagina towards Heather by pushing on her head and crushing herself against Heather's lips and probing tongue before Heather moved her hand slightly while her thumb was searching to find the small bud just above the hole that contracted around her tongue.

Meanwhile Sue pulled her feet up onto the sofa, spreading her legs wider and allowing Heather to probe her deeper until creamy juices spilled from the widening vagina which Heather knew that Sue had much more to and suddenly she was determined to drink every last sin or her and Heather knew that she had not been ordered to do so but that didn't matter as she slipped her tongue from the wide vagina and replaced it quickly with two fingers until Sue half cried out her own pleasure preventing her from stopping Heather or punishing her for not following her instructions as Heather then moved to Sue's clitoris and pushed the small hood back to reveal the smooth pine flesh beneath that she then thrusted her tongue forward at where she closed her lips around that most sensitive area and sucked on the firm clitoris with her finger thrusting into the gaping vagina until after a few moments, she added two more fingers which made Sue scream out loud when her vagina easily swallowed the four digits in which she continued to suck on the clitoris and thrust her fingers into Sue to move underneath to play at the smooth bottom to stroke that opening which was tantalizing until Sue screamed loudly as her approaching orgasm reached a crescendo "Screw me! Sue screamed with her fingers digging into Heather's scalp as the riding crop beat a tattoo on the sofa in time with the thrust of Heather's hand "Oh no! Oh yes! as the last word ended in a screamed hiss until Sue's whole body tensed and bucked until Heather yanked her hands free and closed her lips around the pulsating vagina, sucking on the creamy juices that gushed from the opening to cover her tongue and spurt against her inner cheeks where she drank it all while closing her eyes and savouring every drop as if she were enjoying herThe Sharp heels of Sue's boots suddenly dug into the flesh of Heather's breasts as she cried out in sudden pain before she was pushed backwards until her back struck the floor and stared up in fear when Sue fell upon her in which the handcuffs found her wrists again this time, fixing her hands in front "Disobedient whore! Sue screamed and hauled Heather to her feet, pulling harshly on the chain that Sue dragged to the sofa before forcing her to kneel on the soft cushion with her hands over the back so when Heather was positioned, the back of the sofa was crushing her breasts with her arms and head hanging down in which Sue adjusted the collar at her neck so that the chain could be held at the back "If you try to get away, you'll regret it" Sue warned as she slid the end of the riding crop across Heather's buttock as Heather now closed her eyes which was positioned with her buttocks and the backs of her thighs in which she had no doubt as to what Sue had planned for her next but despite her resolve not to seem afraid, She could not stop the sudden and unexpected sticky warmth that caressed her vagina lips as Heather had little time to consider her fear or arousal because all too soon, all she knew was the burning sting of the crop as it sliced across her buttock "Scream all you want slave" Sue announced as Heather cried beneath the third hard blow "You will learn to enjoy the punishment" Sue continued as she struck several more times before Heather heard her give a small laugh when a heavy hand clamped over Heather's vagina to make her cry out in surprise "You whore! You are soaking me" Laughed Sue "I see that you have already learnt to enjoy your punishment. I knew that you would" Sue continued until Heather thought "Enjoy it! As her thoughts were as misty as her vision because all she knew was that her buttocks burned as if they had been touched by a flame yet the rest of the body felt cold and the beads of sweat on her skin which were like pearls of ice but more blow rained down on the reddened flesh as each blow rang a cry from Heather's lips as her virgin buttocks quivered beneath the crop"No more please! Heather screamed before tossing her back as it was incredible that the beating stopped and Heather's head fell forward once more. first taste of expensive champagne.

Well Heather was about to thank Sue for her mercy just to pretend, in such inexperience that she would never show again "You've had your first taste of it now Miss Brackem" Sue told Heather as her voice became faint "But I don't think that it will stop there as it never stops there. Even though you will hate me for what I have just done as i can assure you of that" Sue continued but Heather didn't need the woman's assurances when she already knew that she hated her "But that won't stop you from seeking me out. I promise you" Sue warned until Heather wanted to turn on the woman to tell her that she was wrong and there was no way that she ever wanted to see her again so instead she whispered "Just go! Leave me alone" Heather told her while Sue replied "I'm going but I will leave my number here on the table" Sue told Heather "Don't bother. I have no intention of calling you" Heather told her "You won't want to. You'll need to. Like I said, you've had your first taste of it and I can show you much more as this has been the start of it dear" Assured Sue as Heather listened to the footsteps fading away when she knew in the very depths of her denial that Sue had been right. This was the beginning now Sue had left her in the darkest depths of confusion and despair, being bruised and hurt as Heather couldn't find neither the strength not inclination to move from the prone position that Sue had left her in which she remained hanging over the back of her own sofa of her own living room with her red covered buttocks exposed and quivering for well over and hour before she finally moved with Finally Heather then showered and washed away Sue's musky scent from her body as with her body now cleansed, she said about doing the same for her mind and strangely found the task easier than she would have imagined in which she simply pushed all thoughts and memories regarding what had happened with Sue to the back of her mind to find other things to concentrate on but strangely enough, Heather didn't throw the small card with Sue's number on away as she didn't even touch it as she gave it no consideration .her buttocks burned with the intensity that brought tears to her eyes and moisture to her vagina.

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