Hell for Heather the Leather

by george camble


It had been a long day for Heather as she spent the morning, working in her leather clothes shop and lunchtime with an old friend plus working in her family's other leather clothes shop in the afternoon.

Now Heather returned home with hopes of a long soak in the bath and a quite evening with Suzy Quatro or the Pretenders. But what happened to her when she returned to her flat, was something that she would never have imagined in her wildest nightmare yet it would open her eyes to the most incredible darkness because that night was to be full of fear and helplessness which was just a start when some bags landed on her polished wooden floor with the sound drowning out on the sigh that escaped her lips when she pushed the door closed with her leathery backside and rubbed at her temples while she stood past the bags and down the wide entrance hall "A weekend in the countryside would do me" she said to herself when she allowed her leather jacket to slip from her shoulders to make it fall to the ground behind her "That's what i need" she continued.

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