We Forgot

by J Welch

They stood quietly behind the muddy expanse of wall, stock still in an obedient straight line, waiting. They could hear shouts from behind them, indiscernible from one another. Barbed wire littered the fence in front of them which had periodic gaps along it. Flashes of light could be seen only from the corner of their eyes as something exploded in midair.

"Go, go!"

Each boy shot forward, scaling the wall milliseconds after each other and running across the brown grass. Cries resonated in the distance, but they kept running, and running, and running.

They ran straight across the soggy earth that stretched out in front of them, empty mere seconds ago. Fireworks splayed out into the air and bonfires flickered to the west. A tall women bekoned the boys towards her, gathering them in her arms with a smile on her face.

"How has bonfire night been for you, then, boys?"

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